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  • TUESDAY, 5/2:      CPT:  Faculty Meeting

    THURSDAY, 5/4:   CPT:  Committee Meetings & Charter Council

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    Monday “TESTING ROOM” procedures

    · Take HOMEROOM attendance in MISIS
    · From the roster titled HOMEROOM, Inform students whose names are listed as testing in a different “TESTING ROOM” (TR) to take:

    o Ipad
    o Keyboard
    o Earbuds
    o Note: these students are to go to HOMEROOM every day for attendance and will be released every day at 8:12am to go to their “TESTING ROOM”.

    · At 8:12am dismiss those students to their testing rooms.

    · Use “TESTING ROOM” roster to take attendance of students in your “TESTING ROOM”

    NOTE: Students who are listed as testing in alternate room whose parents want them to test in their HOMEROOM should email me. Please do not solicit this from parents, only have them email me if they ask you about it.

    Charging Ipads
    · If you don’t have enough charging cords in your cart, you will have to rotate the ipads charging in your carts throughout the day to ensure that they are ALL charged and ready for the next day.

    8th grade Science Teachers (AOCHI, BANNER, COMBIS, FISER, THRAPP)
    · If you don’t have enough keyboards for testing SCIENCE, please borrow from a neighbor and return after testing for the next morning.

    Keyboards, Ipads & Earbuds not working
    · Send any defective device to the Counseling Office and a replacement will be provided. I have a few extra ipads available to LOAN OUT to students for testing.


    Fri., May 12, Mr. Krizman, Rm. X3 - Stand For the Silent Meeting during lunch.  This will be an informational meeting and selection of students to run for leadership positions will occur.

This Week at Revere

5/1/17 - Auditorium Closed All Week
5/1/17 - SBAC Testing All Week

5/2/17 - Auditorium Closed All Week
5/2/17 - SBAC Testing All Week
5/2/17 - CJSF/SFTS Meeting, AUD:  lunch
5/2/17 - Faculty Meeting

5/3/17 - Auditorium Closed All Week
5/3/17 - SBAC Testing All Week

5/4/17 - Auditorium Closed All Week
5/4/17 - SBAC Testing All Week
5/4/17 - CPT:  Committee Meetings
5/4/17 - Charter Council Meeting, LIB:  3:15

5/5/17 - Auditorium Closed All Week
5/5/17 - SBAC Testing All Week
5/5/17 - Revere Chamber Orchestra Concert at St. Matthews in Pacific Palisades, 8pm

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