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Community Events

  • May 5 at 8pm
    Free Community Concert
    The Chamber Orchestra at St. Matthew’s
    The Paul Revere Middle School Chamber Orchestra

    • Beethoven: Fifth Symphony
    • Meyer: "Hemispheres" (World premiere)

    We are pleased to welcome back the Paul Revere Middle School Chamber Orchestra, and their Director, Lara Jacques, who astounded us with their virtuoso performance in April 2015. They will join the strings of The Chamber Orchestra at St. Matthew's in the world premiere performance of Richard Meyer's "Hemispheres," commissioned for the occasion.

    Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, composed and premiered in 1808, has become the symphony of symphonies that embodies all of the power and possibilities of instrumental music – the template for a journey from tragedy to triumph that would become a musical and dramatic blueprint for all that followed.

    Music Director Tom Neenan will offer insights into the magic and power of the Beethoven Fifth, complete with examples played by the orchestra.

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