Magnet Points

  • Students are randomly accepted into Magnet programs based on the number of Magnet points they accumulated. The number of students selected per school is based on the number of available spaces at a particular school. Any student who sent in an on-time application, but was not selected, is placed on a waiting list at the school.

    How are points assigned to a student?

    • Graduating from a magnet program: 12 points
    • Your home high school is overcrowded: 4 points
    • Your home high school is PHBAO: 4 points
      • PHBAO = Predominately Hispanic, Black, Asian, and Other White
    • Your brother or sister attend the school you apply to: 3 points
    • The most points a student can earn: 23 

    For further information on the magnet selection priority point system please visit the LAUSD echoices website.