Code of Conduct


    Paul Revere Charter Middle School students are responsible for their own actions and property.  The possession of any illegal item, substance or object is prohibited.  Students found in possession of any illegal item, substance or object may be subject to both administrative and/or legal consequences.  Paul Revere Middle School has a ZERO TOLERANCE for weapons and conducts daily random (unannounced) metal detector searches on campus. 

    Prohibited Items on Campus

    The primary purpose of school is learning.  Items that distract from the instructional environment, or that are illegal, are prohibited.  These items include, but are not limited to:

    1. Cellular phones, while permitted on campus, are subject to usage restrictions.  All phones must be turned off from the time the child arrives on campus until the sounding of the dismissal bell.  CELL PHONES THAT ARE VISIBLE OR AUDIBLE WILL BE CONFISCATED PENDING PARENT SIGNATURE/PICK-UP ON FRIDAYS ONLY.
    2. Cameras, iPods, smart watches, video games, personal iPads and tablets, headphones, ear buds, and all other electronic devices.
    3. While permitted on campus, bicycles, skateboards and scooters must be stored and locked in designated areas.  These items may not be ridden on campus at any time. We highly recommend helmets when traveling to and from school.
    4. Tobacco products (vape pens/e cigarettes), alcohol, drugs, matches, lighters or other controlled substances.
    5. Aerosol cans of any kind (e.g. body sprays)
    6. Permanent marking pens, paint pens, laser pointers, White Out and spray paint.
    7. Firearms, knives, weapons of any kind or objects designed to do harm.
    8. Explosive devices of any kind.
    9. Toys, stuffed animals, balloons, cards, cakes or party supplies.
    10. Large sums of money or valuable personal items are not to be brought to school.
    11. Food, candy, gum and beverages (except plain water) are prohibited in the classroom.
    12. The purchase and/or sales of items between students is prohibited (unless affiliated with a school-sponsored fund raiser).
    13. Any items that cause a disruption to the learning environment or pose a danger to student safety are prohibited.
    14. No “energy drinks” of any kind may be consumed while on school campus.
    15. Glass bottles or containers are not permitted on campus.


    Any prohibited items that are brought to school will be confiscated and held for pick-up in the Student Services Office.  Monday-Friday from 7:30AM-3:30PM, students’s parent or legal guardian may sign the Confiscated Item Log consenting to the item’s return.  However, items will only be returned on the last day of the school week from 7:30AM until one hour after the school’s  dismissal.

    Illegal items will be referred to a law enforcement agency.  Unclaimed items will be donated to charity at the end of each academic year. 

    Repeated violations of school rules will be considered willful disobedience or defiance to school authority and can result in suspension, parent shadow and/or opportunity transfer.  Infractions that threaten the safety or personal well-being of any student or school employee can lead to suspension, opportunity transfer, a recommendation for expulsion and/or arrest.

    Austin Beutner
    Superintendent of Schools
    Dr. Adaina Brown
    Superintendent, LD West
    Tom Iannucci