• School Dress Code


    Students’ clothing should be casual and comfortable for the purposes of health and warmth.  It is always appropriate for students to present themselves well by dressing in an appropriate manner.  Clothing that distracts from the instructional process and/or is unsafe, is prohibited.

    Prohibited clothing or styles include:

    1. No “sag” or oversized pants (pants that will not stay up without a belt), or extra long belts that hang down.
    2. Shorts, jeans and skirts must be appropriately sized and free of holes or tears above the knee (Use “Fingertips Rule” as guideline*). If garments do not comply with “Fingertips” rule: opaque (solid) tights can be worn underneath in order to meet Dress Code standards. (No Nylons)
    3. Yoga pants, while allowed, must be solid. (No mesh allowed.)
    4. Safe, closed toed shoes must be worn at all times for safety. Slippers are not permitted.
    5. No piercing of body parts with the exception of the ears. (No spikes or other sharp objects); No hoop earrings larger than 1” diameter.
    6. No items that show affiliation to either gangs or crews may be worn at anytime.
    7. Only Paul Revere, solid white, solid gray, solid green or solid black hats may be worn on campus. Beanie caps may be worn at temperatures of 60 degrees or lower only, but must be solid green, white, gray, or black.  Scarves, bandanas and any other type of head coverings are prohibited.  No hats or beanie caps may be worn inside of school buildings.
    8. No items may be worn that communicate profane, violent or obscene messages; or promote the use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco.
    9. No spaghetti strap, strapless, mid-riff, racerback or low-cut tops. Shirts must be sleeved; “muscle t’s” or tank tops are not permitted.
    10. Hoods may be worn outside only when it is raining. Hoods are not allowed indoors or in classrooms at any time.
    11. No sunglasses unless prescribed by a physician.
    12. No undergarments should be visible at any time.
    13. No pajamas or blankets may be worn.


    Students inappropriately dressed, with problems that are unable to be resolved by the classroom teacher, may be sent to the Dean’s Office to be issued “loaner” clothing.  On the first offense, the child will be given a warning and permitted to change into school appropriate attire.  Students with habitual violations will receive lunch detention, the noncompliant clothing will be confiscated and a parent conference will be held with a dean/counselor.  Confiscated items will be returned pending parent signature.  Parents of students whose attire is unable to be brought into compliance by the Dean’s Office staff will be asked to bring any necessary clothing to their children. 

    *Fingertips Rule:  When standing upright, with arms at one's sides, shorts or skirts must extend past one's fingertips.
    Austin Beutner
    Superintendent of Schools
    Dr. Adaina Brown
    Superintendent, LD West
    Tom Iannucci