***There is no limit on the number of extra credit projects that may be completed in a semester.  
    ***Points will be used to make up missing practice card grades or to boost participation and test scores. 
    If you attend a music performance outside of school, attach either a ticket stub or a program (with your name on it and signed by your parents) to a short review of the concert.  Describe the concert venue, the program and the performers, and give your opinion of the performance.  Be specific about what you saw and heard.  Provide specific reasons that support your opinions.  This will count for a practice card grade of E for one week and can make up for any missed week of practice.  Good any time during the school year.  Click HERE for an outline of how to write the review if you need more help.
    Opportunity Two  READ A BOOK!
    Choose one of the books below to read.  You don't have to purchase the book, the library is fine.  (You may find after reading them that you wouldn't mind owning a copy!)  After you read the book, write a one to two page reflection.  WARNING: This is NOT a book report!  I have read all of these books - I am not interested in knowing what they are about.  However, I AM interested in knowing what they got you thinking about!  Good any time during the school year.  If you enjoy this project, you may do more than one of these reflections for extra credit. 
    The books:
    Wonder by R.J. Palacio
    The Children of Willesden Lane by Mona Golabek and Lee Cohen
     Beethoven's Hair by Russell Martin
    Your Brain on Music by Daniel J Levitin
    The Soloist by Steve Lopez
    What to Listen for in Music by Aaron Copland
    The Inner Game of Music by Barry Green
    Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua
    Drumming at the Edge of Magic by Mickey Hart
    Teaching Genius, Dorothy DeLay and the Making of a Musician by Barbara Lourie Sand
    Musicophilia, Tales of Music and the Brain by Oliver Sacks
    The Composer is Dead by Lemony Snicket, Music by Nathaniel Stookey (there is a CD with this one)
    The Story of the Orchestra by Robert Levine (there is a CD with this one)
    Those Amazing Musical Istruments! by Genevieve Helsby with Marin Alsop (there is a CD-ROM with this one)

    ***Or if you have a book you would like to read that is related to music, check with me for approval and then go for it!

    Possible prompts for your reflection:
    What did you learn as you read this book? 
    Did it stir any new ideas/thoughts/feelings in you? 
    Did it inspire you to do something different in your life? 
    Did it show you something about music (or anything else) that you had not thought of before? 
    Would you recommend this book to someone who is not a musician, and why or why not? 
    Anything else you want to say about this book?