• Club Guidelines


    ·        There are 15 clubs opened for the school year.

    ·        Clubs must maintain 10 students per meeting each week.

    ·     Teachers will be paid a stipend totaling $800 per school year.

    ·        The stipend includes the following: Preparation for each meeting, sign-up sheets for each meeting, organized agendas, and supervision of students. Forms for sign-ins and agendas will be available on the school website on the Lunch Club page.

    m   Club Agenda and Sign-in must be stapled together and turned in after each meeting to Mr. Koretz in the Attendance Office.

    ·        If there are 2 or more sponsors for the same club, the will split the stipend.

    ·      Club Day will be held towards the beginning of September – All clubs will have a table for  sign-ups and advertisements.

    ·     Clubs cannot be extensions of classes taught in your schedule or performance groups you supervise. This is not an auxiliary period. See Mr. Koretz if you have questions concerning this point.

    ·      If you club membership falls below 10 students for 2 consecutive weeks it will not receive further funding. You will only be paid for the weeks prior.