Mrs. Ernst 8th Grade English


     HOMEWORK: Will be assigned regularly. Homework is due the day after it is assigned. Homework turned in one day late will receive half credit. No late homework will be accepted after that. My homework calendar is located at www.paulreverems.com Go to Teacher Pages, E for ERNST. Click on the Homework Link

    MISSED WORK DUE TO ABSENCE: If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to check the Homework Calendar online,discuss with Ms. Ernst at an appropriate time, or ask another student for missing work. You will have ONE day for every day you missed to make up the work. (example: If you miss 3 days of school, you have 3 days after you return to turn it in.)

    *Exception: For Major Papers (Research, Persuasive, Narratives, Conflict) -50 points for one day late, -75 for two days late, -100 for 3 or more days late



    NO NAME PAPERS: If a paper doesn’t have a name on it the paper is kept in a No Name Folder and given a zero. We are in 8th grade now and need to be responsible for our work. Putting a name on a paper is something we should have down.
    * Common Core Standards: http://www.get2core.org


    *Black and White composition book for daily journals. (spiral notebook not accepted)

     *Small 3-ring binder with dividers for ENGLISH only

     *2 Folders inside binder (labeled)

    *Loose, college ruled, lined paper (100+sheets)

    *Blue or black pens/pencils

    *S.S.R. book at all times (not in locker)



       A= 90%-100%                     tests/quizzes =10%

        B= 80%-89%                      novel/informational text/packet work=60%

        C= 70%-79%                      writing =25%

        D= 60%-69%                      participation =5%

        F= 59% and below (= U in WH)     homework=10%

    *86% and above = E in WH

    *65% and below is a U in WH

    *consistent talking, not paying attention, not bringing materials, disrespectful behavior = U in Cooperation


    Contacting Mrs.Ernst:

    Email: hle6401@lausd.net

    *my mail box is in the main office

    *School phone: 310-917-4800