•                                       8th Grade ENGLISH 



    The objective of this class is to gain acquisition of the Common Core State Standards in the following four domains: Reading, Writing, Speaking/Listening, and Language Conventions. In order to master these standards your child must start the school year prepared with the necessary materials and agree to the classroom expectations listed below.



    The following materials must be purchased and left in the classroom in order to compile a student portfolio.

    1) Binder: 1½ inch wide (Must be a 3 ring binder)

    2) Notebook: 1 subject bound notebook 70 to 100 pages (Used for journals, notes, and grammar practice)

    3) Paper:  Filler paper; college ruled (100 pages)

    4) 5 Dividers:  Plastic dividers with pockets (No PAPER DIVIDERS)

    5) *Homework Folder: A folder labeled, "English Homework Folder." Students place unfinished work in English Homework Folder and take home to complete at home

    6) Pencil Pouch: Must have 3 holes in order to secure inside the Binder Place items 7-10 inside the pencil pouch

    7) 5 Highlighters: 5 different colors

    8) 3 Pencils No mechanical pencils

    9) Pencil Sharpener

    10) Eraser



    It is crucial that ALL students work in a safe and productive classroom environment. Students run the risk of receiving U’s on their report card if the following behavior is witnessed during class:

     1. Blurting out inappropriate or disrespectful comments/questions when the teacher or a student is speaking, presenting, or participating.

    2. Getting up from their seat to disrupt other students, or getting up from their seat without asking.

    3. Horseplay or any physical contact with another student, (slapping, punching, or poking).

    4. Throwing any object across the room.

    5. Talking during tests or quizzes.

    6. Eating in class (students can bring water only).

    7. Late to class.

    8. Using iPads inappropriately or using cell phones in class.

    9. Disruptive side conversations (verbal or non-verbal), while students are sharing, teacher is lecturing, or class is working independently. 

    10. Substitute Teacher Policy: If a student’s name appears on the Discipline Sheet for ANY reason, that student will receive a U in Work Habits and Cooperation for the current grading period. No exceptions. Students need to take responsibility for their own actions.

    11. Inappropriate use of furniture: sitting on desks, placing feet on desks or chairs.

    12. Refusing to work/cooperate.

    13. Sleeping in class.

    Parents can monitor student behavior, on a daily basis, by checking Schoology. The date and the behavior witnessed will be entered into Schoology, under the assignment titled: “Cooperation Grade.”

    *Receiving U's in Cooperation will prevent students from culminating.



    GRADING POLICY___________________________

    Your child’s academic grade will be based on the point system described in the charts below. Participation is expected in all 4 categories (categories are listed in the chart below).

    1. The 4 categories are aligned to reflect the Common Core State Standards.
    2. Assignments are sorted into these 4 categories; each category carries a weight of 25%.
    3. Most assignments will be graded using rubrics or student-designed criteria charts.
    4. Homework is integrated into the 4 categories, and will also count toward the WORK HABITS grade.
    5. ALL Assignments MUST be submitted on the due date or they will be marked late. Assignments submitted after the due date will be given an automatic D- grade.



    Common Core Alignment







    *Novels (fiction & nonfiction)

    *Short texts (fiction & nonfiction)

    *Informational Texts

    *Plays, Poetry

    *Visual art (photos, videos, paintings)










    *Writing assignments must be typed. If you submit handwritten work, make sure it is legible. Sloppy or illegible work will receive a low scoring grade of D or F.

    *Narrative writing


    *Argumentative Writing

    *Literary Analysis

    *Literary Journal Notebook  




    Speaking &



    *Academic Conversations    

    *Literary Journal Notebook  

    (discussions with peers or class)



    Grammar &


    (Language Conventions)

    *Sentence Structure/Grammar

    *Academic Vocabulary/SAT vocab

    *Literary Terms


    Grading Chart                        


    Min. %




    80- 89


    70 79






    Grade Abbreviation Guide on Schoology: Some assignments may be scored or marked with the following abbreviations:

         mi = missing assignment = 0% F grade

         inc = incomplete = 60% D grade

         cr = credit = 100% A grade

         lte= late = 60% D- grade: Assignment MUST be      

                     submitted on the due date or it will be marked

                   late, NO EXCEPTIONS, UNLESS a student

                     is absent. Students who are absent must

                     submit their assignments on their return date

                     in order to receive full credit.



    Students and parents can access ALL classwork and homework assignments on Schoology. Students and parents can also download and print All assignments and All reading materials from home. If students are absent, or will be absent they can also check Schoology for classwork/homework assignments.



    Thank you.

    Ms. Moreno