Positive Behavior Support

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School-Wide Behavior Guidelines
      - Behavior Guidelines (6 on a page)
      - Classroom Conduct
      - Hallway Conduct
      - Cafeteria Conduct
      - Locker Room Conduct
      - AuditoriumConduct
      - Bully Rules
      - iPAD Rules & Expectations

 Discipline Committee Planning for Success
      - Dress Code
      - Code of Conduct
      - Attendance Policy
      - Attendance Procedures
      - Hall Pass Log


Progressive Discipline Procedures
      - Parent Shadow to teachers
      - Parent Shadow guidelines


      - Council (partnershipwith the Ojai Foundation)
      - Student Success Team (referral form)
      - getting ready for High School
      - getting ready for College


 Superstar Awards

- Superstar Guidelines

- Superstar Cards


Student of the Month (SOM)


College Monday
      - College Monday (flier)
      - Staff Info (teacher information)




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Red Ribbon Week