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    Dear Music Parents,

    Paul Revere is very fortunate to have a vibrant school music program. Each day we provide 10 periods of instrumental music and 5 periods of choral music. We also have performing groups rehearsing during lunch and homeroom! The success of our program is due in large part to the support of the families at Revere.

    During the school year we provide instruments to your children at no cost. Music stores rent out instruments from $25 - $80 per month (depending on the instrument). We also are able to provide free maintenance and supplies for most of the instruments. Many of the instruments at Revere are NOT provided by the district, but are bought with parent funding. Throughout the year we are also very fortunate to have professional instrumental coaches come in weekly to work with students. Although private instruction is highly recommended, not all students will get the opportunity to study one on one. These coaches provide your children with individual attention, which would cost you anywhere from $40 to $125 per hour if you were paying for private lessons.

    Our choral students work with professional accompanists for concerts as well as choreographers, also paid for by PRIDE funds. We are constantly working to upgrade our performance ideas and our music libraries. With parent donations, we budget for your children to work with these coaches and acquire new performance materials.

    As you can see, the music department would not be a success without you. In order for this program to continue at its current level of success, we kindly request a suggested donation of $50 per student in the music program. Please return the slip below with your donation. Donations can be brought to your child’s teacher, or can be put in the PRIDE mailbox in the Main Office. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!


    Music Liaison for PRIDE

    Parent’s Name (please print):_____________________________________________
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    Instrument or Voice: _________________Teacher/class period: ___________________

    Yes, I want to support the music department! Here is my donation of:

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    Checks payable to: PRIDE BOOSTER CLUB, please write “MUSIC” on the memo line