• Curwen Hand Signs

    Posted by Lori Vogel on 8/26/2015
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  • Posture Rap

    Posted by Colleen Cronin on 8/15/2014

    Posture Rap


    Shoulders are down,

    Feet firmly on the ground,

    With slightly bended knee.

    My back is straight

    To balance my weight,

    My arms are hanging free.

    Lifting up my chest

    Helps me breathe my best.

    Now there’s just one last thing.

    Hold my head up right

    And focus my sight,

    And now I’m ready to sing!

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  • Musician's Pledge

    Posted by Colleen Cronin on 8/15/2014
    The Musician’s Pledge
    Because I am
       a well-behaved musician,
       I listen and follow directions,
       use self-control, respect people,
       instruments, and materials,
       and always do my best.


    Because I am
       a world class musician,
       I listen attentively to music
       of many different styles and
       historical periods, and respect
       the music of other cultures.


    Because I am
       a performing musician,
       I use my musical skills
       to the best of my ability
       and contribute to the group
       in my highest capacity.
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