This web page created by Alyssa B. and Arely G., Fall 2014 

    Common Name:  Southern Magnolia

    Botanical Name: Magnolia grandiflora

    Location:  Directly behind G2 and C2, Directly in front of E2 and D1



    Plant Type:  Evergreen Tree

    Sunset Zones:   Zones 4-12, 14-24, H1, H2

    Sun Requirements: Full sun or partial shade

    Water Requirements: Regular water

    Origin: Native to the Southeastern Coast of the United States



    Description: Up to 80 feet tall with 60 feet spread. Light brown/gray trunk and branches. Branches are fairly weak.  

    Leaves: The leaves have a glossy, leathery feel. They are mostly green with an orange/brown tint. They are oval shaped and curve slightly inward. 

    Flowers: Bright, pure white with a strong scent.  

    Fruit: Has pinkish or green fuzzy cones at the end of





Southern Magnolia Tree
Magnolia Flower
Magnolia Leaves