This web page created by Arely G. and Alyssa B.,  Fall 2014


    Common Name: Mexican Fan Palm 

    Botanical Name: Washingtonia robusta

    Location: Around the quad and the P.E field 



    Plant Type:  Evergreen

    Sunset Zones:   Zones 8,9,10,11-24, H1,H2.

    Sun Requirements: Full sun

    Water Requirements:  Regular water

    Origin: Mexico  


    Description: This tree can grow to be over 80 ft tall. Also has a trunk that can grow to be 10ft wide.

    Canopy with 30 leaves or less.

    Leaves: Fan shaped leaves  3-5 ft wide.

    Flowers: White and showy.

    Fruit: Black, does not attract wildlife,and fleshy.


View looking north of Revere Middle School farm, pathway, wheat, alfalfa, vineyard in distance
Chinese Flame pods