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    Common Name: Flowering Pear

    Botanical Name: Pyrus calleryana 

    Sun Requirements: Full sun 

    Water Requirements: Moderate to regular water

    Origin: China



    Description: This Deciduous tree needs some winter chill. It can grow to be up yo 60ft tall. It grows purple/red leaves in the fall, masses of white flowers in the early spring. The glossy green alreadyc turning purpulish/red. It blooms very early. The late  freezes may destroy crop. This tree also groiws very small, round inedible fruit. 

    Leaves: The Flowering Pear's flowers turn colors depending on the seasons.                                                                                                                          

    Flowers: Grows masses of white flowers in the early spring.

    Fruit: Small round inedible fruit.

    Inresting Facts: *This tree is remarkably resistant to sickness. 

                            * The late freezes may destroy crop.

                            * Grows very small inedible friut.

                            * This tree is known for it's distinctive smell, which is the smell of rotting flesh.

    Zones: 2b-a, 14-21

    Location at Revere: You can find this tree in front of the X building. X11, X12, and X13.






Flowering Pear Blossoms
Flowering Pear Inedible fruit
Flowering Pear
View looking north of Revere Middle School farm, pathway, wheat, alfalfa, vineyard in distance