This web page was created by Patrick Gowen and Nathan Korobkin., Fall 2014


    Common Name: Loquat Tree 

    Botanical Name: Eriobotrya japonica

    Location:Two loquat trees in the center of the animal farm, and

    one inbetween the stage part and G4



    Plant Type: Evergreen

    Sunset Zones:   Zones 6-24

    Sun Requirements: Full sun or partial shade

    Water Requirements: Moderate to regular water




    Description: The loquat treeis a magnificent tree, it grows 15 to 30 feet, and is a beutiful ornament among peoples gardens. The loquat grows narrower in shade, but with good sun grows high and wide.

    Leaves: The leaves are 6-12 inches, and are leathery,crisp,stoutly veined,and netted. 

    Flowers:The flowers are a dull white color are fragrant,appear in woolly 3-6 inches clusters in the fall.

    Fruit:Orange to yellow 1-2 inches long fruit.The loquat friut is etible.

 loquat tree with fruit
full loquat tree
View looking north of Revere Middle School farm, pathway, wheat, alfalfa, vineyard in distance