FAQ's for Parents


    1. When will we find out what classes our children are assigned to?

    Students receive their class schedules during Revere Registration Days or on the first day of school.  

    2. What should we expect to happen the first day of school?

    Students will get there class schedule at Registration Day which will be held the week before school begins.

    All students should go directly to the homeroom classroom.  If your child forgets their homeroom classroom, lists will be posted near the counseling office.

    3. Where do we park when we bring the kids to school? How do we drop off? Where do we pick up?

    In the morning, you may drop off in the circular driveway in front of the school and in the West driveway (one-way, enter on Allenford, exit onto Sunset). In the afternoon, you may pick up in the West driveway (again, one-way). The circular driveway in the front is closed to traffic until approximately 15 minutes after dismissal. Parents can also park on Brinkley, or on other adjacent side streets. We encourage parents to carpool to reduce traffic (click here to sign up for the carpool roster).   CLICK HERE to view or print the map.

    4. Is there public bus transportation available if you are not provided with LAUSD buses?

    Many students take MTA or Blue Buses to get to school in the morning. Check their websites by clicking on the links provided for schedules and stops. After school Revere has four MTA buses, three of which go to Pacific Palisades, and the third goes towards West Los Angeles and Downtown Los Angeles.  Bus tokens may be purchased at any Ralphs grocery store.

    5. How will we know if our child is placed in the Honors or Proficient classes?

    Students are placed in different programs based on their most recent CST test scores. Classes are designated either Honors or Proficient. 

    6. When do they choose their electives?

    6th graders can choose to be in Revere’s instrumental or vocal music program, or they will be placed in our exploratory elective classes. To choose music, please fill out the music elective form available in your students enrollment package. The music enrollment form can also be obtained in the counseling office before the end of the current school year. If students do not choose to be in the music program, they will be placed in one of our exploratory elective classes. This placement is random; students do not choose which exploratory elective class to take. The classes will change every ten weeks, so each student will have 4 exploratory classes throughout the year. Incoming 7th and 8th graders should see their counselor after the first day of school if they want to change their elective. Changes will be made if space permits and scheduling allows. They may also submit a music elective form, available in the counseling office.

    7. When do they buy their PE clothes?

    Students can purchase PE clothes during Registration DAys. PE clothes cost $20 (gray t-shirt and green shorts). All purchases must be made with CASH only. No credit cards or checks will be accepted.

    8. How many children are there in each class?

    The LAUSD District norm for 6th grade classes is 35 students, and is 37.5 students in 7th and 8th grades. Academic classes at Revere average from 30-35 students per class.

    9. What time does school start and end?
    School always starts at 7:55 am. Students should be seated in their homeroom seat ready learn at that time. The westside driveway entrance will close at 7:45am. If you arrive to campus after 7:45am you must drop your child off in the front circular driveway. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, school ends at 3:02 pm. On most Tuesdays and all Thursdays, school ends at 2:02 pm. On Professional Development Tuesdays, school ends at 1:32 pm. On Minimum Days, school ends at 12:26 pm. Please see the current Bell Schedule for dates of Professional Development and Minimum Days.
    10.  What do I need to do if my child is absent?
    If your child is absent from school, you will need to submit an excuse to the Attendance Office.  Upon  your child's return to school, you can either submit a hard copy note or email: RevereExcusedAbsence@gmail.com.  The note/email must include student's name, date of birth, grade level, dates absent, reason absent and parent signature.  If sending a note, it can be dropped off in the Attendance Office when your child returns.  You do NOT need to call Revere to notify the school of an absence.  

    Not finding your question? Email us and we'll see if we can help.