Paul Revere's 5th Annual Student Film Festival

  •  film festival    
    Festival Date:  Fri., March 22, 2019
    at 6:00pm-9:00pm Paul Revere Auditorium
    Entries must be submitted online
    by Friday, March 1st, 2019 at 4pm


    Required Forms for Entries:
    Entry Form &
    Permission/Release Form
    (see below)


Film Categories

  • These maximum running times include title and end credits

    Animation/Claymation (5 minutes max)

    Any type of stop action animation (computer animation, Claymation, Lego, hand drawing, etc.)

    Live Action Short Film (6 minutes max)

    Music Video  (2-4 minutes)

    See appropriate content below

    Documentary (6 minutes max)

    Should be factual

    Public Service Announcement  (30 seconds 1.5 minutes max)

    Should be factual

    Commercial (30 seconds – 1 minute max)

Appropriate Content

  • Content must be appropriate to age group. All entries must comply with LAUSD guidelines for appropriateness. No inappropriate language, offensive text, no gang logos or symbols, no guns or portrayal of violence, no smoking, drug use or drinking. Exceptions only for educational or informational value. (i.e. a PSA dealing with the dangers of drinking and driving). If you have any concerns regarding subject matter, please get the approval of Revere’s administration first.

How to Submit an Entry

    • Step 1: Please use the link below to DOWNLOAD the Entry Form and Release Form to your computer. Important: Make sure you use the “Download” button after clicking on the file you want, so you get an editable pdf.
    • Step 2: Complete both forms and save to your computer (include your name in each file’s name)
    • Step 3: THEN UPLOAD the following 3 items to the weblink below:

    1. Your FILM (include your name in the file’s name)
    2. Your completed ENTRY FORM (include your name in the file’s name)
    3. Your completed RELEASE FORM (include your name in the file’s name)

     After you complete your online submission please put a copy of your entry form and permission forms in the Film Festival box in the main office. Please also email to confirm the dropbox submission of your film.

    Late entries will NOT be included if you are having trouble uploading the film or the entry forms please contact:

Equipment and Software

  • All equipment needed is the responsibility of participant(s). 

    All software needed is the responsibility of the participant(s).

    There is not a single or minimum requirement for equipment or software. Any camera, editing or production tools are appropriate.


  • Please be aware that only current Paul Revere students are eligible for awards.  By submitting your film and release forms you are agreeing to the possibility of your film being shown at the festival.  Please note that all films submitted may be edited for time constraints.

    We hope to be able to show all films that fit the guidelines at the festival, time permitted, or during lunch periods at school. Top films in each category will definitely be viewed at the festival, schedule pending depending on number of entries. All films with release forms may possibly be viewed on the school website at some point.

    A winning film will be honored in each category.