Paul Revere Forgotten Item Policy

  • Students will NOT be summoned out of classrooms to pick up forgotten items.  Classroom instructional time cannot be disrupted to deliver forgotten items to students by staff or parents.    

    Items such as lunches, PE Clothes, homework, etc. may be dropped off in the Main Office where they will be held for the student to pick them up during passing period, nutrition or lunch.  

    When a student discovers that an item has been left at home, she/he should go to the Main Office to see if the item has been dropped off, or use the phone in the Main Office to call home and arrange for the item to be dropped off.

    If your child is not aware that he/she forgot their item.  We will attempt to deliver a "notice of item to be picked up in the main office" to your child.  It is his/her responsibility to pick up the item.  We are not responsible for any items that are not picked up, lost or stolen from the main office.

    We encourage you to prepare your child for High School by NOT dropping off their forgotten items.  For security reasons most High Schools policies are that parents are NOT permitted to leave students' personal items for them at school.  It is every student's responsibility to remember to bring all items they need with them to school for the day, or to deal with the consequences of forgetting items like late homework, projects, lunch or PE clothes.

    At the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year the Main Office will no longer be handling forgotten items.  The Main Office will no longer summons or notify any child that there are items such as lunches, homework, projects or anything else left for them in the office. 

    Students will be responsible for themselves.