Choral Content

  • Students learn the basic fundamentals of choral performance pedagogy including breathing, posture, and group singing. Students also learn a lot of music theory (how music functions on paper) and vocabulary while learning to work in a ensemble setting. The idea of shaping the “whole musician” (one that can sing well as well as understand how music works) is one of the main goals of choir. Musical repertoire is chosen to challenge the groups and performances reflect hard work in every respect. Students that join a choir embark on a musical journey that will guide them through their years here with the goal of graduating as a better singer, a thoughtful musician and a wise, maturing young adult. All teaching methods correspond with the California Content Standards for Music and National Standards for Music Education, as well as the Common Core Standards.

  • Madrigals

    Madrigals is Revere’s most advanced choir.  They meet during Homeroom, and they rehearse during SSR, and sometimes during lunch. Students must be extra motivated to be in Madrigals, and good marks in core classes are a must. Participation requires a year-long commitment.  Auditions are held in the Fall after all class enrollments have been established.  Students in Madrigals represent Revere at performances outside of school time and perform at special events such as Open House. They perform all types of challenging repertoire ranging from traditional to modern. Students in Madrigals also may perform with Concert Choir and participate in all Concert Choir-related activities.

Revere Singers
  • Revere Singers

    Revere Singers meets during P2 and is Revere’s only all-female chorus. Participation requires a year-long commitment, and this choir allows for students to be immersed in women’s choir repertoire while building relationships with their peers in a “sorority-like” environment.  No audition is necessary, and previous experience is a bonus!

  • Show Choir

    Show Choir meets during P3 and is the only choir at Revere that both dances and sings. (Attention Glee fans!) In addition to learning songs geared toward show choirs, they also have choreography that accompanies every song. Our professional choreographer is Monique Smith of Fancy Feet Studios in the Pacific Palisades. Monique is also a Dance teacher and choreographer at Palisades High School. Participation requires a year-long commitment, and auditions are held in the Spring of the previous school year.


    Concert Choir

    Concert Choir meets during P4 and is one of Revere’s most advanced choirs. Participation requires a year-long commitment. Most of the students that join Concert Choir are students that have sung before at Revere at some point in time, though that is not a requirement. Concert Choir sings advanced choral repertoire in 3-4 mixed voice parts. They are privileged to compete in Festivals when scheduled. Concert Choir alumni in attendance at concerts are welcome to join Concert Choir on stage to sing special “alumni songs.” No auditions are necessary, but previous experience is very welcome!

show choir
  • 6th Grade Chorus

    6th Grade Chorus is the first chance for 6th graders to participate in the choral program at Revere. Students are accepted based on submitting a music elective selection sheet, which they receive at the end of their 5th grade year. Participation requires a year-long commitment. 6th Grade Chorus is Revere’s largest choir, usually numbering about 150 total students divided between P5 and P6.  Both classes are combined together for concerts.  It is a great place to begin making friends at Revere by sharing a common interest.

    Colleen Cronin
    Choral Music