Anti-Bullying Audit

  • Purpose of the Anti-Bullying Audit

    We are conducting an audit of the District’s anti-bullying efforts and initiatives, which was approved by the Board of Education. We would like to determine the level of parental and student satisfaction with the schools’ anti-bullying initiatives and one way we will achieve that is by surveying students and parents. The participating schools have been randomly selected and the surveys will be completed by students in middle school (grades 7 and 8). While participation in the surveys is voluntary, a high rate of participation is the only way to communicate a true picture of the student-to-student bullying climate in our schools.
    The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) has been working closely with the Parent, Community, and Student Services Branch; School Operations; the Office of Human Relations, Diversity, and Equity; the Office of the General Counsel; and the Local District Superintendents – all of whom are in support of this effort – in order to make these surveys a success. Our goal in this audit is to gain valuable insight that will allow us to determine the overall climate regarding student-to-student bullying within the District and effect positive change through robust recommendations that will make all LAUSD schools safer places for students to learn. Your help is essential in facilitating this process.



    7th grade Homeroom – March 14th – 18th
    8th grade Homeroom – Match 29th – April 1st