In order for students to gain membership for a semester, students must...
    1. Complete the Paul Revere Middle School CJSF application.
    2. Attach a copy of your final/20-week report card for the previous semester.
    3. Include your membership fee of $5 (cash only) 
    Students must apply each semester and meet the requirements outlined below each time a student applies. Membership is neither compulsory nor automatic.  Eligibility is based on three components:  ACADEMICS, CITIZENSHIP and COMMUNITY SERVICE.
    Within the semester a student is applying for...
    • Students must earn an A, B or C in Math, Science, English and History.
    • Student must earn twice the number of points than academic classes enrolled (minimum 8 points)
    • CJSF points are not given for PE, elective or Homeroom
    • Students cannot earn a "D" or FAIL in ANY CLASS
    • Points are calculated as follows:  
         Grade of "A" = 3 points
         Grade of "B" = 1 point
         Grade of "C" = 0 points
    Note:  one additional point per honors class (including Algebra and Geometry) will be granted for a grade of "A" or "B" for up to two honors classes.  (ex. if a student earns an "A" in H English 8A the student earns 4 points)
    Students must not have earned a "U" in Work Habits OR Cooperation on the final/20-week report card IN ANY CLASS for the semester applying for eligibility.  
     Students must complete 2.5 hours of community service with the semester applying for and up until the date the application is due.