In order for students to gain membership for a semester, students must...
    1. Complete the Paul Revere Middle School CJSF application.
    2. Attach a copy of your final/20-week report card for the previous semester.
    3. Include your membership donation of $5 (cash only) 
    Students must apply each semester and meet the requirements outlined below each time a student applies. Membership is neither compulsory nor automatic.  Eligibility is based on two components:  ACADEMICS and CITIZENSHIP
    Within the semester a student is applying for...
    • Students must earn an A, B or C in Math, Science, English and History.
    • Student must earn twice the number of points than academic classes enrolled (minimum 8 points)
    • CJSF points are not given for P.E., elective or Homeroom
    • Students cannot earn a "D" or FAIL in ANY CLASS
    • Points are calculated as follows:  
         Grade of "A" = 3 points
         Grade of "B" = 1 point
         Grade of "C" = 0 points
    Note:  one additional point per honors class (including Algebra and Geometry) will be granted for a grade of "A" or "B" for up to two honors classes.  (ex. if a student earns an "A" in H English 8A the student earns 4 points)
    Students must not have earned a "U" in Work Habits OR Cooperation on the final/20-week report card IN ANY CLASS for the semester applying for eligibility.