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2017 - 2018 Parent-Sponsored Bus Program

  • All bus routes for the current school year are full. 

    If you would like to placed on a waitlist for this school year please email prmsyellowcharterbus@gmail.com.  Provide the following information in your email:

    1. Child's name and current grade level
    2. Parent's name
    3. Parent's phone
    4. The route that you would like to be waitlisted for (see below)

    Registration for the 2018-2019 school year will open on February 1, 2018.  Cost for the year will be approximately $1,800.


  • Route 900

    16709 Calle Abolada (Approx. pick up: 6:57am on Patricia Side)

    Summit Club (Approx. pick up: 7:00am)

    Palisades Dr. / Palisades Circle (Approx. pick up: 7:05am)

    Palisades Dr. / Sunset Blvd. (Approx. pick up: 7:10am)

    Marquez Elementary (Approx. pick up: 7:15am)

    Sunset Blvd. / Bienveneda (Approx. pick up: 7:20am)

    Sunset Blvd. / El Medio (Approx. pick up: 7:22am)

    Route 901 / 907

    Venice High School (Approx. pick up:  6:40am)

    Sunset Blvd. / Swarthmore (Approx. pick up: 7:15am, Caruso project permitting)

    Palisades Library (Approx. pick up: 7:18-7:21am)

    Route 902


    Ventura / Reseda (Approx. pick up: 6:20am)

    Ventura / Balboa (Approx. pick up: 6:25am)

    Ventura / Havenhurst (Approx. pick up: 6:30am)

    Whole Foods Market ((Approx. pick up: 6:40am at 4520 N Sepulveda Bl./bus stop at Saugus and Greenleaf)

    Mullholland / Casiano (Approx. pick up: 6:55am)

    Moraga / Sepulveda (Approx. pick up: 7:07am)

    Church / Sunset (Approx. pick up: 7:12am)

    Sunset / Barrington (Approx. pick up: 7:15am)

    Sunset / Kenter (Approx. pick up: 7:20am)

    Route 903 - Holmby Hills Direct

    Warner Elementary (Approx. pick up: 7:00am)

    Route 904 - West Hollywood / Holmby Hills

    West Hollywood Elementary (Approx. pick up: 6:40am)

    Fairburn Elementary (Approx. pick up: 6:55am)

    Warner Elementary (Approx. pick up: 7:00am)

    Route 905 - Baldwin Hills / Overland / Westwood

    Baldwin Hills Magnet Elementary School (Approx. pick up: 6:45am)

    Overland Elementary School (Approx. pick up: 6:58am)

    Westwood Charter Elementary School (Approx. pick up: 7:08am)

    Route 906 - Westwood Direct

    Westwood Charter Elementary School (Approx. pick up: 7:00am)

Regular & Late Buses

  • Regular daily buses depart 15 minutues after the bell rings for dismissal.
    • Monday, Wednesday, Friday - Bus departs at 3:15pm
    • Tuesday, Thursday - Bus departs at 2:15pm
    Late buses depart Monday through Thursday only. For students staying at Revere for PEP classes or tutoring the following buses are available:
    Monday & Wednesday: 
    departs @ 4:30pm, Venice bus departs from 4:30-5:00pm (depends on traffic returning from Venice from regular run)
    Tuesday & Thursday: 
    departs @ 3:30pm and 4:30pm-4:45pm
    (depending on traffic and the amount of time it takes to get back after the first late bus, the 4:30 departure might be as late as 4:45pm-5pm)
     Friday - NO LATE BUS
    Professional Development Days, 1:32 dismissal - Bus departs at 1:50pm
    Dates:  9/5/17, 9/19/17, 10/3/17, 10/17/17, 10/31/17, 11/28/17, 12/12/17, 1/9/18, 1/23/18, 2/6/18, 2/20/18, 3/6/18, 3/20/18
    Minimum Days, 12:26pm dismissal - bus departs at 12:40pm
    Dates:  8/31/17, 12/15/17, 3/23/18, 4/20/18, 6/6/18, 6/7/18