Alternate Assignments

  • Alternate assignments are used to fulfill PE requirements if a student is injured or ill for an extended period of time and/or cannot participate in normal PE activities. Students may also run on Flex Fridays to fulfill missing assignments. If you have alternate assignments that need to be turned in, please do so through Schoology as soon as possible.

    • To avoid cramming and last minute submissions, I will accept up to two (2) alternate assignments per week.
    • The last day I will accept these assignments for any semester is one week prior to the end of the semester.


    Assignments must be typed with at least 300 words.

    Make sure to include your name, PE teacher's name, PE period on the top right hand corner of your assignment. This information does not count towards the word count.

    The assignment title should be the name of the article.

    1. Go to
    2. Click on Browse Content
    3. Choose News
    4. In the Narrow Your Choices area, click in the Middle School box to access middle school articles
    5. Under the News tab, choose Health
    6. Choose a Health article to read
    7. In your own words, write a paragraph about what the article is about. Do not quote the article.
    8. Write another paragraph about how you feel about the article, how it applies to your life, or how it applies to the community/world.
    9. Submit the assignment through the Alternate Assignment Submission portal in Schoology


    I want you to read Health articles for alternate assignments, not sports.

    After reading the instructions carefully, please contact me if you have any questions.