Parent-Sponsored Bus Program Late Bus Usage


    PRMS Student Services, Inc. is now offering late bus usage on our Parent-Sponsored School Buses for a limited number of students who will be attending PEP after school classes.  We partner with Tumbleweed Transportation offering a dedicated Revere School Bus Program for Revere families.  This offer is for the use of our late buses only and usage of our regular school bus program is not included and strictly forbidden.

    Space is limited and will be issued on a first come, first served basis.  Students who are not registered for PEP after school activities at Paul Revere are not eligible for this program.  

    Please note that no supervision is provided and that it's the responsibility of the student to be on time to load the bus 5 minutes prior to departure.

    The late bus can be used for 1-4 days per week.  The fee is for the school year (3 PEP sessions).  The fee is $250 for up to 2 days per week or $500 for up to 4 days per week.  The fee remains the same even if you only use it for 1 PEP session. There are no refunds of any kind once payment has been made, unless the bus is full.

    Buses run only during PEP sessions with the following departures:

    Monday - Thursday:  3:40pm on Tuesday/Thursday and 4:40pm Monday through Thursday 
    (Tuesday/Thursday exceptions:  No 3:40 to Venice High or Baldwin Hills.  Overland or Clover will be used, not both, depending on enrollment)
    Bus Stops:  
    • Pacific Palisades from the Village to the Highlands
    • Baldwin Hills Elementary
    • Clover Elementary School
    • Coeur d'Alene Elementary School
    • Fairburn Elementary School
    • Mar Vista Elementary School 
    • Overland Elementary School
    • Warner Elementary School
    • West Hollywood Elementary School
    • Westwood Charter Elementary School
    • Venice High School

    The Parent-Sponsored Bus Program is managed by PRMS Student Services, Inc. 

    Please email if you have any questions.

    Sign up by filling out the APPLICATION and make a payment via PayPal below:

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