• 8th Grade Social Studies

    Course Outline

    Mr. Fulling


    Unit 1: Geography

    -Five Themes

    -Location of countries, continents, oceans



    Unit 2: The 13 Colonies

    -Identify the colonies

    -Similarities and differences

    -Conflicts between colonies


    Unit 3: The American Revolution



    -Declaration of Independence

    -Effects of the War


    Unit 4: Creating a Republic

    -State’s Rights

    -Constitutional Convention



    Unit 5: Constitution At Work



    -Five principles, Checks and Balances, Federalism

    -Amendments and 3 branches of government


    Unit 6: New Government at Work: DBQ: Document Based Questioning: Primary Sources and Thesis Paper

    -Hamilton and the National Bank

    -Problems: Whiskey Rebellion, French Revolution, Washington Retires

    -John Adams' Presidency


    Unit 7: Jeffersonian Age

    -Marbury vs. Madison

    -Louisiana Purchase

    -Lewis and Clark

    -War of 1812


    Unit 8: Industrial Revolution

    -Mills come to America

    -Westward Expansion

    -Latin America and the United States



    Unit 9: Age of Jackson: DBQ

    -Corrupt Election

    -The Bank

    -Native American Removal

    -Spoils System


    Unit 10: Manifest Destiny

    -Exploration West: Gold Rush

    -Texas Independence

    -Mexican/American War

    -Forming of States


    Unit 11: Women's Rights Movement: DBQ


    -Key players and their effects


    Unit 12: North and South

    -Comparing GRAPES: geography, religion, achievements, politics, economics, and socially


    Unit 13: Abolitionist Movement: DBQ

    -Key Abolitionists and how they attempted to abolish slavery


    Unit 14: The Nation Divides:

    -Missouri Compromise

    -New Acts/Laws


    Unit 15: Civil War:

    -Events leading to war


    -Emancipation Proclamation



    Unit 16: Reconstruction Era: DBQ

    -Acts Passed




    Unit 17: Big Business/Great Migration

    -Rockefeller, Carnegie




    Unit 18: Progressive Era

    -Muir, Paul, Roosevelt, Jones, Carnegie, etc.
    - Changes made to American Life