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  • Parent Workshop Series #2

    Posted by Lori Vogel on 10/20/2020

    Thurs, Nov. 12, 7pm via Zoom - Join Robert D. Cohen, LMFT for a seminar on parenting during the quarantine. Sign-up HERE. 

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  • Covid-19 Testing For All Students

    Posted by Lori Vogel on 10/16/2020 9:50:00 AM

    Covid Testing

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  • Homework Help Club

    Posted by Lori Vogel on 10/14/2020 12:30:00 PM

    The Homework Help Club (HHC) Students can obtain assistance with school work from Revere teachers on Mon. and Wed., 3:30-4:30pm.   More Info.    Sign-up

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  • 6th Grade Supplemental Lessons

    Posted by Lori Vogel on 10/12/2020 10:00:00 AM

    6th grade students in need of additional resources to supplement what they are learning during the regular school day can find recorded lessons by Revere teachers in English, Math and Science.  New videos will be added weekly.  

    Go to the Class of 2023 Schoology Group or Magnet class of 2023 to find recorded lessons.  All videos are placed in "Resources" in each of these groups. 

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  • Weekly Flyer

    Posted by Lori Vogel on 10/9/2020 1:20:00 PM
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  • Curbside Library Book Pick Up

    Posted by Lori Vogel on 10/2/2020 3:25:00 PM

    Library Curbside Pickup

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  • Parent Workshop Series: #1 Stress Management

    Posted by Lori Vogel on 10/2/2020 11:20:00 AM
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  • Wave Learning Festival

    Posted by Lori Vogel on 9/22/2020 9:40:00 AM
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  • Need a 2nd set of textbooks?

    Posted by Lori Vogel on 9/17/2020 12:00:00 PM

    A limited supply of used textbooks are available for purchase. Parents will be required to pick up at Revere by appointment. Please contact Mr. Tyson Evans, AP Student Services, if you are interested

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  • PRMS Weekly News

    Posted by Lori Vogel on 9/11/2020 2:55:00 PM
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