Classroom Policies and Expectations

    Zoom Absence Policy: Zoom Classes are mandatory. If a student is absent for a zoom session, the student will need to contact me prior to the scheduled meeting explaining the reason for the absence. If there was a class discussion and notes, they will need to reach out to a classmate to gather the materials missed. It is the student's responsibility to use the Schoology Class Page to receive the work. 


    Zoom Tardy Policy: A student is tardy if they are not logged in to class by the start time. I will always have the window for Zoom open 5 minutes before class begins, so do not wait until the last minute. 3 tardies in 5 weeks will result in a "U" in cooperation. 6 tardies in a 10 week period will result in a "U" in cooperation. 10 tardies at any point will result in a "U" in work habits and cooperation. No Exceptions!!!! 


    Schoology/Google Classroom: All homework is posted on the Schoology and Google Classroom. Please visit the site to review homework as well as any information I post on Schoology. All communication will be done through Schoology. DO NOT use google classroom to send messages to me or other students.


    Work Habits: It is based on completed assignments, test scores, and quality of work. If a student misses 3 or more assignments in a 5-week period, they will receive a U in work habits. Once that 5-week grading period is over, they can try to work off the U. If students miss 10 or more assignments in a 20-week grading period they will receive a U in work habits, no exceptions!!

    Cheating/Plagiarism: Cheating of any kind on tests, quizzes, or homework will result in a 0 and a "U" in work habits on the next report card. This includes plagiarism. Students should not share homework online, split up the work and share it,  or complete assessments together. That will be considered cheating and a “U” and zero will be given. Any documents shared using google docs or any other platform is  and will be considered cheating. “Working together” does not mean sharing and copying work.

     Cooperation: It is primarily based on Zoom Class Attendance, Schoology Policies
    and Expectations, and the tardy policy mentioned above. The other factor used to
    determine cooperation will be classroom behavior. If a student is being disruptive,
    which includes tardies, 4 or more times in a 5 week grading period, they will get a

    Make-up Work: There is absolutely no late homework accepted , unless with an
    excused absence. There is absolutely no extra credit offered. The students are
    expected to complete the work assigned and to do the best they can on all
    assignments. Zoom classes will be for discussing assignments, so late work will not
    be graded or accepted.

    Academic Grading Procedure:
    My grading system is based on a points system. Each assignment is worth a
    number of points. At the end of each semester I add up the total number of points
    that could be earned.