Schoology Code of Conduct


    1. While on Schoology, what I say and how I say it will be school appropriate.  


    1. I will use posts to discuss school-related content only. 

    2. I will use a respectful tone of voice when posting.  All school rules and consequences related to harassment apply to Schoology.

    3. I will use appropriate grammar instead of texting language.

    4. I will not reveal any personal information on Schoology.  This includes telephone numbers, addresses, emails, etc.



    Posting & Replying to Messages or Comments

    • Post a note to the whole group if your question is about something the whole group should know (assignments, instructions, due dates etc.) 
    • Send a note only to your teacher if you want to talk about something that doesn’t relate to everyone.
    • Don’t post questions or comments about personal issues or topics.  Keep private information private.  
    • Keep your conversations on topic. 
    • If you’re not sure if a word, joke, or image is okay, then it’s probably not. DO NOT write posts that tease, bully, annoy, spam, or gossip about any other person.


    Inappropriate Content

    • If you think there is something inappropriate posted on Schoology, please tell your teacher immediately! 


    Punctuation & Grammar

    • No txting lingo. I am ur tcher…show me that u have lrnd how 2 spell.
    • DO NOT PUT SENTENCES IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.  This is considered shouting!
    • Do not end sentences with more than one exclamation mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or question mark????????????
    • Please please please do not repeat a word more than necessary.




    By signing this and using Schoology, you are agreeing to the terms listed above..