Elections for the 2020-2021 school year will be September 8th through 18th, with the 18th being election day for the Student Council offices of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Historian.  You can see the Presidental candidates and their statements below. 

  • Logan Mirzadeh       Logan Mirzadeh

    My name is Logan Mirzadeh and I am running for President. I would be a spectacular president because I will make sure everyone gets heard and I have a lot of great ideas to make school fun this year and we could all use some fun in between our zooms. Finally I am a very optimistic person, I love sports, video games, music, and even Tictok. Vote for me Logan Mirzadeh.


  • Samantha Sonnett Samantha Sonnett

    Hi, I’m Samantha Sonnett and I am running for president. I want to be president because I believe that our school needs to focus on the subjects that are important in our world today like women’s rights, the equality and acceptance of the LQBTQ+ community, and giving our support to the Black Lives Matter Community.

  • Hailey Sugarman      Hailey Sugarman

    Hello! My name is Hailey Sugarman and I am running for President! I love playing soccer, watching tik toks, surfing at the beach, eating cookie dough, and playing the piano. As your President I will work hard to make sure that this year is full of school spirit and memories. Just because we are locked in our homes and stuck on endless zoom calls doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to get together, have fun events, socialize, and keep our school fun. I will make a very positive impact on Revere as President and hope you vote for me!