• Madrigals Contract Paul Revere Middle School


    To: Madrigal families

    From: Mrs. Cronin

    Congratulations!  Your son/daughter has auditioned and been selected to be a part of Paul Revere Middle School’s Madrigals Choir!  What an honor it is indeed for them to follow in the footsteps of the marvelous singers of the past.  There is a lot in store for the year, and I am sure that they will be proving themselves worthy to meet all of the challenges placed before them.  They will be working very hard, and I am very proud of each and every student for taking the step to even audition for the group.  What a blessing it is for me to be able to work with such talented young singers! 

    In order to participate in this extra ensemble, your son/daughter has been assigned to my Homeroom in H1.  Homeroom periods are very short, so each student must remain highly focused and self-disciplined in order to learn the more challenging music we will tackle in such limited rehearsal time.  Because of the high commitment level required to be a part of this group, a student may be asked to leave if he/she does not show a true desire to participate in 1) lunch rehearsals, 2) extra performances, 3) other after school hours performance opportunities.  I should be informed of conflicting prior commitments/other obligations, etc. BEFOREHAND.  A choir music student handbook was sent home this month with some specific concert dates.  The Madrigals will most likely have other performances to add to those as the year moves on, typically including Pasta Night, Open House Night, Fund Raisers and Festival.  Parents are asked to provide transportation to these after school hours events.

    If you have any questions or comments, please contact me by calling the school at (310) 917-4800, sending a note, or by emailing me personally at clc4147@lausd.net.  Email contact is much preferred.

    Please read over the following Madrigals contract with your son/daughter.  Please return this to me, signed, no later than Friday, October 02, 2015.


    Paul Revere Middle School         Madrigals Contract 20__  -  20___

    Madrigals is the most advanced choral ensemble of Paul Revere Middle School.  As a select member of the group, I will commit to the team by…1)  Always being prepared to work hard. We manage to rehearse only a few times a week during SSR, after breakfast, announcements, assemblies and IPad business (if even then!)

    2 ) Being on time to school and to Homeroom.

    3)  Showing self-discipline and focus during all rehearsals.

    4)  Being at all of the performances, whether they are during school or outside of school hours.

    5)  Attending the lunch rehearsals that I need to be at.

    6)  Setting a good example as a member of the Madrigals in all respects – around fellow peers and teachers; never being disrespectful in any way.  I understand that I am held to a higher standard than others.

    7)  If I break my contract in any way, I understand that Mrs. Cronin will remove me from the class.

    I have read and understand the commitment I have to make in order to be a part of Madrigals.

    Student Name: ___________________   Student Signature: ______________________   Parent Phone#(s): ______________________________

    Parent/Legal Guardian’s Signature: _____________________________   Family Email (Please print): _____________________________________

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