1. Students and parent(s) must read the syllabus. 
    2. Submit the agreement online by the due date. With online submission, you will receive confirmation and credit for the syllabus. You do NOT need to print the syllabus unless you want a copy for yourself.
    If the Syllabus Agreement is not submitted on time, you may receive a U in work habits until it is turned in. For questions, please contact Mr. Lafolette. Thank you!


    Class requirements and Grading Policy


    Class requirements and Grading Policy


    Mr. Lafolette

    Physical Education

    Grades: 6th, and 8th


    The objectives of this course are to enable the students to engage in a variety of physical activities, incorporating skills and knowledge that will lead to a lifetime of fitness and to create an environment which develops a social awareness such as citizenship, sportsmanship, and self-respect.


    A student’s grade in physical education will be determined in the following manner:

    Participation Points –       50%

    Testing -                        50%


    The students will be graded after the completion of each five-week PE unit (example; track unit, soccer unit, basketball unit, etc.). The following is a breakdown of the participationpointsgrading scale:


    20 or more points =          A

    19- 15 points =                B

    14-10 points =                 C

    9-5 points =                    D

    4 points or less =             F


    Participation points make up 50%of the student’s grade. Points can be earned on a daily basis for participating in the class activities. The more effort the student puts in the more points that student can earn. In addition to earning points in the activities there will be 2 weekly bonus questions in which you can earn participation points too. The bonus questions will be accessible in schoology. Completing bonus questions and running extra credit laps on Friday for points is an easy and less competitive way for students to earn an “A” participation. Students who earn 30 points or more in a PE unit will receive a running pass and/or dressing passes.  

    Every student is expected to participate in all activities, display adequate effort, and demonstrate appropriate social skills. Students will lose points on any day they decide not to participate. If for any reason a student is unable to participate or dress, a written note from a parent, legal guardian, or doctor is required, and must be taken to the school’s nurse to be excused. Students excused from participating in physical activities (ex: medical reasons) will be given written assignments that must be completed in order to earn equivalent points.


    Weekly running tests account for 1/2of the student’s grade. The grading scale is listed below. Students who fail to meet the standards in running will be given opportunities to improve their test grade on any Friday


    Grading scale for the mile run test:

    8th grade:                                   6thgrade                                                       

    A = 9:00 & under                         A = 10:00 & under

    B = 9:01-10:30                            B = 10:01-11:30

    C = 10:31-12:00                           C = 11:31-13:00

    D = 12:01-13:00                           D = 13:01-14:00

    F = 13:01 & over                        F = 14:01 & over                                                 

     The Work Habitsgrade will take into consideration;

    1. Dressing Record – Is the uniform complete? Is the uniform clean and marked? Is the student’s full name printed on the uniform? Is the student wearing athletic shoes with laces?
    2. Attendance – the number of days present (in activity), absent (not excused), or tardy will have a bearing on the grade.
    3. Participation in Activities – The amount of days participating in class activities will have a determining effect on the grade.


    If a student has a combination of 3 or morenon-suits, unexcused tardies, or unexcused absences (non-participation), in any 5-week grading period, will result in a “U” grade in work habits.  All “U’s” will reset after each 5 week grading period. However, for the 20 week grade the “U’s” in WH will be cumulative and 8 or more will result in a “U” for the semester.


    The Cooperation portion of the grade will be based on:

    1. Behavior – Does the student follow class rules and directions? Does the student exhibit appropriate citizenship? Does the student cooperate with the class?
    2. Attitude – Does the student display a positive attitude? Does the student participate willingly?
    • 3 or moredaily “U’s” in a five-week grading period will result in a “U” on their report card for cooperation.


    In addition to the above, there are several rules that will result in a automatic “U” in cooperation if the student:

    1. Is found to be truant from a portion of physical education class.
    2. Is found to have cheated in any class activity.
    3. Attempts to use a forged note in class.
    4. Receives a referral for any disciplinary reason during PE class.


    Community Service Assignment:


    All Students are required to complete 5 hours of Community Service. The community Service Assignment can be found on Mr. Lafolette’s teacher page on the Paul Revere website and on Schoology. This assignment can be submitted anytime during the spring semester, after the completion of their hours. Late assignments will not be acceptedunless communicated with the teacher beforehand. We are extremely strict on the deadline.



    If you have any questions/concerns or comments, please contact me at (310) 917-4885 or

    e-mail me at: jml9022@lausd.net


    I have read the class requirements and grading policy. I understand what is expected in order to earn a passing grade in physical education.


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