Permits with Transportation (PWT)

  • Student candidates who live in selected areas of the city as predetermined by the LAUSD Office of Student Integration Services may apply to attend the Revere CHARTER School. The application process is the same as for the Magnet program. The Choices Brochure will not be mailed home by LAUSD therefore applicants must visit for information regarding application for the PWT program.
    Please note: School assignments are made by the District, which means that your child may receive PWT, but not necessarily to Revere. Student candidates are selected through a central selection process conducted by the LAUSD Office of Student Integration Services. Selected students for participation in the PWT program will be notified by mail during the month of May. Selected students will receive transportation by the District.
    Please call the Office of Student Integration Services at (877) 462-4798 or (213) 241-6572 for more information.