• Medical Excuse Policy

    An email, parent or doctors note must be presented to the health office and then to the teacher on the day that the student is to be excused from normal P.E. activities. This note should include the nature of the injury or illness, the activities that the student is to be excused from, and the duration of the excuse. A student with an excuse will still be required to dress out for P.E. (unless the injury prevents that). A parent excuse is valid for a maximum of three days. Any request for excuse beyond three days will require a note from a physician.

    Parents, it is your responsibility to notify the PE teacher AND the school/nurse of any medical condition that could affect your child’s participation in Physical Education. This would include allergies, asthma, seizures, heart conditions, etc.


    In addition to notifiying the school nurse an email or phone call is extremely helpful if there's an ongoing issue.