• Classroom Expectations 

    When the tardy bell rings students are seated with all materials out.  Students copy the Agenda into their lavender agenda calendar.  Next, each student copies the warm-up instructions/writing prompt into the Warm-up book and writes as complete a response as possible.  The Warm-up book can be a composition book or a spiral notebook.  The agenda is collected for a grade at the end of each four week period and the Warm-up book is graded about three times during the semester.

    Supplies for science include:  loose leaf 8.5 X 11 in. lined paper, a Warm-up book, at least 2 pencils &/or blue or black ink pens.  It would be nice to have colored pencils, glue stick and a metric ruler.

    Courtesy and consideration for others should be shown to other students as well as the teacher.  Everyone is responsible for his/her own actions. 

    This is a working science room so there is no eating, drinking or gum chewing in the classroom. 

    There are animals in the classroom.  They are to be treated gently and with the same consideration extended to the teacher and fellow students.