• Orchestra Rehearsal Expectations 

    Students Should Expect:
    *Free use of a school instrument, or a locker for your personal instrument
    *A mutually courteous and respectful environment
    *Constructive criticism, with improvement as the goal
    *Rules that are reasonable and consistently enforced
    *High musical, technical and professional standards
    *Promotion next year to a higher level performing group
    *Fun  (Fun liberates learning and progress!)
    Your Conductor and Ensemble Members Expect:
    *Consistent effort and concentration; always try your best
    *Follow instructions
    *Bring supplies every day (pencil, rosin, music)
    *Be on time, set up carefully and efficiently
    *Ask questions in class and be eager to seek help
    *Treat musical instruments with GREAT care
    *PRACTICE MAKES BETTER!  It is the ONLY way to learn to play!