• Syllabus Agreement (Team Chen, Team Walker, Team Foxson, Team Kirby, Team Perez) 

    Attention: Ms. Chen, Ms. Walker, Mr. Foxson, Mr. Kirby, and Ms. Perez's Classes
    1. Both the student and parent(s) must read the entire syllabus. 
    2. Submit the agreement online by the due date. With online submission, you will receive confirmation and credit for the syllabus. You do NOT need to print the syllabus unless you want a copy for yourself.
    The syllabus is a PE assignment worth points. If the Syllabus Agreement is not submitted on time, your grade will reflect that and you will receive a U in work habits until it is turned in. For questions, please contact your teacher. Thank you!
    Scroll down to read and submit the entire online agreement.