Attendance & Absence Policies


    In order to ensure that every child receives the instructional hours necessary to meet the grade-level culmination requirements, it is imperative that he/she arrive to school on-time and prepared to learn.  Classes begin at 7:55 a.m. daily.  It is strongly recommended that each student arrive on campus no later than 7:45 a.m. so that he/she can arrive in class prior to the sounding of the tardy bell.


    The California Education Code (CEC), Section 48200, states that it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian, or adult custodian to ensure their child (ages 6-18 years of age) attends school full-time every day.  CEC section48620 states: “Any pupil subject to compulsory full-time education or to compulsory continuation education who is absent from school without valid excuse on three occasions or tardy for more than 30 minutes in a school day on three occasions in one school year is a truant and will be reported to the attendance supervisor or the superintendent of the school district.  (Please see the Parent Student Handbook for a full description of the excused/unexcused absence policy.)


    Below is a summary of the School Policy pertaining to excessive absences:

    1.     The maximum number of excused absences to any class allowed in a school year is 10 days.  Each absence beyond 10 days must be verified by a health professional, which may include the school nurse.  The parent will not be allowed to justify absences by writing an excuse beyond the 10 days.

    2.    Parents have only 10 days after an absence to provide a valid reason to excuse the absence. If a valid reason is not provided within the 10 days, the absence will be marked with reason code #3 truancy and may lead to truancy status.

    3.     Students found to be truant from school along with their parent or guardian may be subject to legal implications resulting in but not limited to financial penalties.


    Student records related to attendance and tardiness are maintained for the entire school year and are cumulative.  Individuals who demonstrate a pattern of truancy or tardiness will be subject to the following progressive disciplinary measures:


    # of Unexcused Absences and or Tardies


    1st – 3rd

    Warning and letter sent home to parent for truancies


    30 minute lunch detention assigned for this and every subsequent truancy or tardy


    Student meeting with counselor or Assistant Principal


    Phone conference with parent/guardian


    Issuance of 2nd attendance policy letter


    Parent Conference Scheduled


    Parent Shadow Scheduled


    Referral to District PSA Counselor

    More than 10

    Referral to Student Attendance Review Board (SARB), 8th Grade students will be removed from and are ineligible to participate in the picnic and Culmination.


     If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Attendance Office at(310)917-4824

    For more information you may visit LAUSD's website: A-2 MANDATED ATTENDANCE INTERVENTION PROTOCOLS_0.PDF