Seventh Grade Program


    Required ProgramFarm

    English 7AB

    2 Semesters

    Mathematics 7AB or Algebra 1AB

    2 Semesters

    Social Studies

    2 Semesters


    1 Semester


    1 Semester

    Physical Education

    2 Semesters

    Fine Art and/or Technical Art

    2 Semesters

    Elective Offerings

    Elective Offerings are tentative - changes may occur due to teaching personnel availability.

    7th & 8th Grade Intermediate and Advanced Band and Orchestra 7th or 8th graders can take this elective for the entire year.


    A beginning chorus class for anyone interested in singing.  This elective may be taken for an entire year.

    Intro to Art


    Learn drawing basics and color theory.  Focus is on 2D skills and multicultural projects.  Express your creativity through mediums such as charcoal, paint, computer graphics, collage and other traditional materials.


    Landscape Design/
    Environmental Studies

    Lean the parts and function of plants, flowers, floral design and arranging.  Tool use and gardening skills are introduced.  Vegetable planting is performed.  Students may also learn basic landscaping skills including tool and plant identification.  Planting and irrigation techniques are discussed and performed.

    Computer Programming

    Learn to create graphics, brochures, computer animation, power-point presentations and computer games.

    Intro to Photoshop/iMovie/Garage Band

    Students are taught the basic tools and skills of Photoshop CS4 using the Mac lab.  Students create projects throughout the year that help them develop logical thinking and inspire creativity.  Students also use iMovie and Garage Band to create different media projects.

    Digital Photography
    Learn about taking pictures and using a digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera.  Learn the basics about film speed, aperture, shutter speed.




    The following electives require teacher approval:

    Choral Music

    See Ms. Cronin in Room H1 if you are interested in Choir 7 (Revere Singers), Glee (Show Choir), Choir 8 (Concert Choir).

    Instrumental Music

    See Ms. Jacques in Room J5 or Mr. Miyoshi in Room H3 if you are interested in Senior Orchestra 7 (Sr. Orchestra), Senior Orchestra 8 (Adv. Orchestra), Beginning Band 7 (Sr. Band), Beginning Band 8 (Adv. Band)


    See Mr. Wechsler in Room E5 if you are interested.  Publishing the school newspaper "The Town Crier" includes a variety of jobs:  computer skills (Quark and Photoshop), photo journalism using digital cameras, layout, design and publication of students' articles and editorial opinions.  Students are encouraged to write about things that are meaningful to them while learning to apply real life-skills (organizing, prioritizing, meeting deadlines, creative problem solving).  Note:  not all students who apply and interview will be accepted.


    See Ms. Istrin during PE if you are interested.  Students in leadership are involved in all school activities.  Students make decisions and vote on student body issues.  If you are interested in the Revere campus and student body, this elective is for you.  All students must have two teacher recommendations and a "C" grade point average.

    Career Awareness

    Students will not be placed in service unless requested/approved by an office or teacher.  Students will be working in one of the many school offices or with a teacher in a classroom.  Career Awareness students should be responsible and dependable, with no D's, F's or U's on their report card.  Students must pre-arrange career awareness positions by obtaining a signed note by office personnel or teacher they wish to work with.  Career Awareness students are required to complete weekly online assignments.


    See Mr. Wechsler in Room E5 if you are interested.  Take pictures with a digital camera and design the school yearbook from cover to cover.  Students will use computers to design yearbook pages, collages for the Town Crier, and colorful artwork for the school's display cases.  Note:  Not all students who apply and interview will be accepted.

     Robotics See Ms. Banner in Room J4 if you are interested.  This elective offers the opportunity to learn about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).  Practice engineering design, learn mathematical principles, apply science concepts of programming an autonomous robot with sensors to explore, navigate, collect data and react to its environment.