• Class requirements and Grading Policy

    Mr. Kirby PE Grading

    Paul Revere Middle School - Physical Education Syllabus


    Mr. Kirby - randy.kirby@lausd.net


    10 points per week for run day
    6 total points per week for unit activity (3 for each day)
    6 total point per week for fitness and flex days (3 for each day)
    Extra credit run is available on Flex Fridays.
    Participation points for unit/fitness/flex days
    1-3 for each day
    3 full participation
    0 non-participation
    Example 1:
    10 weeks
    10 failed runs = 10 x 5 = 50
    10 unit activities at a C average = 10 x 4 = 40
    10 fitness days at a C average = 10 x 4 = 40
    Total 130 pts out of 220 pts = 60%
    But that doesn't even count nonsuits or non participations.
    Any Combo of 3 Nonsuits/Tardies = S
    Any Combo of 4 NonSuits/Tardies = U
    5 and after = minus 1 pt for each Nonsuit/Tardy
    Example 1a: 15 nonsuits
    15 nonsuits - 4 nonsuits for a U = 11 pts over a U = minus 11 pts
    From above: 130 pts - 11pts = 119 pts out of 220 pts = 54%
    Example 1b: If the student had 5 nonsuits
    5 nonsuits - 4 nonsuit for a U = minus 1 pt over a U = minus 1 pt
    From above: 130 pts - 1pts = 129 pts out of 220 pts = 59% 
    Example 1c: At 6 nonsuits
    6 nonsuits - 4 nonsuit for a U = minus 2 pt over a U = minus 2 pts
    From above: 130 pts - 2pts = 128 pts out of 220 pts = 58% 


    MISSION: The mission of the Physical Education Department at Paul Revere is to enable students to engage in a variety of physical activities, incorporating skills and knowledge that will lead to a lifetime of fitness. We also aim to create an environment which develops social awareness such as citizenship, sportsmanship, and self-respect.


    Everyone, no matter what age, can benefit from regular exercise. Kids who are active will:


    ● have stronger muscles and bones

    ● have a leaner body because exercise helps control body fat

    ● be less likely to become overweight

    ● decrease the risk of developing type 2 diabetes

    ● possibly lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels

    ● have a better outlook on life


    Besides enjoying the health benefits of regular exercise, kids who are physically fit sleep better and are able to handle physical and emotional challenges better - from running to catching a bus to studying for a test. Good fitness habits, started young, will carry over into adulthood and lead to an enriched lifestyle. It is our intent to give your child the opportunities to increase health and wellness in a safe environment with minimal risks.


    ACTIVITIES: Our program at Paul Revere meets national and state standards for physical education. Students will participate in group activities such as: soccer, basketball, dodge ball, and volleyball. Individual activities such as track and field, running, and fitness training will allow students to focus on personal achievement.

    ● Sports/Unit Activities will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays. Units average 5 weeks long. Each unit period, students will engage in a different sport/activity. The focus is to enhance students' skill level, promote teamwork and cooperation, and encourage sportsmanship through various sports and fitness activities.

    ● Run Days will be held weekly, either on Tuesdays or Thursdays. Students will run one mile or more every week. Runs will be timed and recorded to mark performance and improvement. Missed run days must be made up. Runs are considered to be tests of a student's fitness level.

    ● Fitness Days will be held weekly, either on Tuesdays or Thursdays. Fitness exercises include, but are not limited to, push ups, crunches, lunges, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, etc.

    ● Flex Days will be held weekly, usually on Fridays. Flex days give students the opportunity to participate in different or preferred activities allowing students to make personal choices. These days are also used as make up for missed days/tests, which must be completed before students are given flex time.


    P.E. UNIFORMS: All students are expected to wear a P.E. uniform on a daily basis. P.E. uniforms may be purchased at the student store. The uniform consists of Paul Revere green shorts, Paul Revere gray shirt, and athletic shoes (shoes should have laces that are tied securely). The student’s first and last name are to be clearly printed in the space provided (any additional artwork is unacceptable and may result in student purchasing a new uniform). Uniforms may not be altered (cutting sleeves/neck, etc.). For their safety, students are prohibited from wearing jewelry during the P.E. period. On colder days, students are required to dress in their uniforms but may wear sweatshirts/jackets over their uniforms. Sweatpants may be purchased at the Student Store.



    A = 90 – 100%

    B = 80 – 89%

    C = 70 – 79%

    D = 60 – 69%

    F = 59% and under


    Every student starts with an A, E, E. It is the student's job to maintain that grade through skill development, sportsmanship, tests, work habits, and cooperation.


    Weekly Run Tests Every week there will be a run test. It may be a mile run or other type of run. Like anything, if you hope to improve your run time, practice! The following is a breakdown for mile run grading:


    Grading scale for the mile run test:


    7th grade  
    8:00 or under 10
    8:01-8:30 9.5
    8:31-9:00 9
    9:01-9:30 8.5
    9:31-10:00 8
    10:01-10:30 7.5
    10:31-11:00 7
    11:01-11:30 6.5
    11:31-12:00 6
    12:01-12:30 5.5
    12:31-13:00 5
    13:01-13:30 4.5
    13:31-14:00 4
    14:01-14:30 3
    14:31-15:00 2
    15:01 or over 1


    6th grade  
    8:30 and under 10
    8:31-9:00 9.5
    9:01-9:30 9
    9:31-10:00 8.5
    10:01-10:30 8
    10:31-11:00 7.5
    11:01-12:00 7
    12:01-12:30 6.5
    12:31-13:00 6
    13:01-13:30 5.5
    13:31-14:00 5
    14:01-14:30 4.5
    14:31-15:00 4
    15:01-15:30 3
    15:31-16:00 2
    16:01 and above 1


    Please note: Run test grading may be amending throughout the year. Please contact your teacher for questions.


    Work Habit grades will be based on participation, tardies (arriving late to class or not seated in appropriate area), and non-suits (incomplete P.E. uniform).

    ● 2 or less non-compliances will result in an “E”.

    ● 3 non-compliances will result in an “S”.

    ● 4 or more non-compliances will result in a “U”. Cooperation grades will be based on behavior, attitude, and listening to directions/following rules.

    ● 2 or less non-compliances will result in an “E”.

    ● 3 non-compliances will result in an “S”.

    ● 4 or more non-compliances will result in a “U”.


    Please note, 4 or more non-compliances in Work Habits and Cooperation may result in the lowering of the letter grade.


    Extra credit may be earned by completing alternate assignments or other teacher-approved assignments.


    Community Service (Due towards the end of the school year – specific date will be announced) As a character building exercise, all students at Paul Revere Middle School are expected to perform a minimum of 5 hours of community service during the school year. The date these hours are to be completed by is to be determined. These community service hours have a great effect on your child’s final spring semester grade. Students who fail to complete service hours by the due date will see their grades drop by 10%. For example, a student who was earning an “A” in P.E. but failed to complete service hours would earn a “B”. They will also recieve a U in work habits. Community service must be turned in on time for credit.


    Please contact your teacher in advance if you need guidance on opportunities for community service. There are multiple on campus opportunities for community service hours that may be completed during lunch or nutrition.



    Each student will be issued a P.E. locker. All clothes and personal items must be locked in the student’s assigned P.E. locker. It is the student’s responsibility to protect the combination. The lockers should contain P.E. clothes, athletic shoes, folder, pencil, and deodorant (no spray/aerosol cans). There are absolutely no food or drinks allowed in the locker room. Electronic devices are also prohibited.



    A written parent or doctor excuse must be presented to the teacher AND health office on the day that the student is to be excused from normal P.E. activities. This note should include the nature of the injury or medical condition, the activities that the student is to be excused from, and the duration of the excuse. A student with an excuse will still be required to dress for P.E. (unless the injury prevents that) and will complete a written assignment. A parent excuse is valid for a MAXIMUM OF THREE DAYS and must be submitted each day. Any request for excuse beyond three days will require a note from a physician. Parent/guardian, it is your responsibility to notify the school nurse of any medical condition (allergies, asthma, seizures, heart conditions, etc.) that could affect your child’s participation in physical education and/or any medications your child is taking.



    If you do not participate in PE class for any reason (injury, illness, etc.), an alternate assignment must be completed for every nonparticipation day within 7 days. Alternate assignments may be found online at your teacher's page at paulreverems.com.


    Thank you, and have a great year!