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    October 9, 2020 - Congratulations Super Stars & Rising Riders!
    Viola Browne - Mr. Roig - Viola is a future best-selling author!
    Noa Levertov  - Mr. Foxson - PER 1 Fitness day champ! 10/5/20
    Xiomara Roldan Ramirez - Mr. Slavin - Thoughtful, sincere, poetic writing; also, leadership in our Zoom class chats!
    Annabel Smith - Ms. Zelsdorf - First volunteer to share her roller coaster project on Zoom!
    Muhammad Butler - Ms. Martinez - Has been doing a great job getting caught up in History class!
    Tyler Leishman - Ms. Mello - Working diligently to complete his work.
    Yale Stark - Dar Langlois & anonymous staff - Always helpful and giving to all staff members. Could not do this year without him! & Fixing our tech hardware problems with a smile and positive attitude!

    October 2, 2020 - Congratulations Super Stars & Rising Riders!
    Antoine Brown - Ms. Martinez - Positive Attitude, Great Contributions to the Class, & all-around awesome student! 
    Sydney Morales  - Ms. Evans - For being proactive in her work studies and demonstrating responsibility!
    Darby Rastegar - Mr. Slavin - Leadership in Class Discussions
    Zion Silver - Ms. Walker - Working hard during fitness
    Leah Hernandez - Mrs. Mello - Working hard to get work completed and doing well on her quiz!
    Ameer Williams - Ms. Hubbard - Ameer has improved his class participation with the Math Intervention program.
    Mr. Iannucci - Anonymous Staff - Fielding all the complaints from people and trying to restate it as patiently as possible to those who are hearing the feedback.

    September 25, 2020 - Congratulations Super Stars & Rising Riders!
    Celia Elisha - Mrs. Mello - Excellent class participation and work ethic.
    Iman Gamble - Ms. Olins - Dedication to Elearning
    Max Rastegar - Mr. Amos - Outstanding effort in PE!
    Annabel Smith - Mr. Slavin - Thoughtful, expressive, and creative writing.
    Emerson Fernandez - Mrs. Mello - For demonstrating thoughtful and creative writing.
    Issac Uribe-Paez - Ms. Cruz - Showing determination in completing assignments.
    Mr. Matsubayashi- Mrs. Mello - Leading our team with technology resources and innovative ideas.

    September 18, 2020 - Congratulations Super Stars & Rising Riders!
    Adrian Aguilar - Mr. Parra - Overachieving on Dreambox!
    Julie Camorlinga - Ms.Olins - Focus during Distance Learning
    Parsa Kalantari - Ms. Longway - Having a great attitude and completing all of his work.
    Jiwon Kim - Ms. Cronin - Jiwon is a fabulous, thoughtful student who gives extra help to me with technology and online classroom management. She goes above and beyond the "call of duty".
    Daniel Morales - Ms. Lee - Perseverance and Patience--for NOT letting tech issues get in the way of turning in assignments!
    Liv Shilstat - Mr. Vial - Class focus and participation. Shows determination and diligence in her classwork.
    Mrs. Roman - Ms. Raith - She always has such well thought out lessons that use the best technology tools and she makes it easy for the students to use the tech tools.
    September 11, 2020 - Congratulations Super Stars & Rising Riders!

Student/Parent/Teacher Awards & Recognition

  • FFA State Conference

    Posted by Lori Vogel on 9/11/2018 7:00:00 AM
    Future Farmers of America (FFA)
    Revere is one of the 1st middle school chapters in CA, and the ONLY in L.A.  Spearheaded by teacher, Carrie Robertson.
    "Over 7,000 high school students, advisors and guests attend the largest annual state CTSO conference-- the California FFA State Leadership Conference will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center in 2018. The four-day conference attracts young agricultural leaders from over 300 chapters of California FFA. 

    The Convention encourages students to develop personal and team leadership skills, discover agricultural careers, establish lasting friendships and strive for success. 

    The Convention also will highlight student accomplishments in public speaking and production practices with proficiency awards, scholarships and special recognitions."

    ffa              ffa

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  • Journalism wins national Pacemaker Award

    Posted by Lori Vogel on 12/13/2017

    The Town Crier, a newspaper published by students at Paul Revere Charter Middle School, won its second Pacemaker Award, a national award for excellence in journalism and the highest honor given by the National Scholastic Press Association.

    The affiliated charter was the only middle school among the 26 winners selected from 275 middle and high school publications nationwide vying for the honor. Revere has been a finalist for the award each year since 2012. Winners for 2016-17 were recently announced at a conference in Dallas.

    Award-winning eighth-grade editors Sasha Schoettler, left, and Maddie Glenn describe the process to turn ideas into well-crafted, visually appealing and relevant stories.

    “I am speechless,” Revere Principal Thomas Iannucci said. “This is a testament of the hard work and professionalism of our journalism program and our incredible students who continuously strive for excellence. This is outstanding, and the recognition is well-deserved.”

    The Town Crier is published five times each year by a core team of 22 students under the guidance of English and Journalism teacher Eric Wechsler.

    “It’s all about these students,” said Wechsler, who has taught at the Westside campus for 16 years. “With this group, it’s merely a matter of setting the bar high. They will do what it takes to meet that bar, and then we raise it higher.”

    Student reflections on the Pacemaker win underscore their teacher’s and principal’s perspectives.

    “We put a lot of work into the newspaper,” said eighth-grader Sasha Schoettler. “Everyone on this team plays an important part, and then we work as a team to bring it together. It is really great to get recognition for that.”

    Student journalists, clockwise from top left, Sasha Schoettler, Cole Herron, Maddie Glenn and Joey Chae show off issues of the Town Crier.

    Classmate Maddie Glenn said she felt tremendous satisfaction when the awards were announced.

    “There is so much that goes on behind the scenes that most people don’t see,” she said. “It’s really great to get credit for all of the work we do to make this newspaper happen.”

    The Crier team follows a model used by most professional newsrooms, with different students assigned to beats including news, features, sports and entertainment. Teams of students share responsibilities for reporting and writing stories, taking photos and designing the publication.

    Along with students on the school’s yearbook team – also under Wechsler’s guidance – the Crier’s staff works with the shared goal of generating content that is visually appealing, designed to inform as well as attract readership.

    “We try to find topics that resonate with students,” said eighth-grader Porter Comstock. “We are always paying attention to what students are talking about, what’s going on in pop culture and try to stay tuned in to what they are interested in. Then we let that guide us in our decision-making.”

    Wechsler says that keeping in the background and letting students drive the decision making is major part of what wins awards.

    “They are teen-agers, so they know best what will matter to others in their age group,” he said.

    Besides winning awards, the approach has proven successful in generating student interest. Each year, over 200 students sign up to participate in the journalism program, which is over three times the number that can be accommodated. Students submit to an interview for consideration.

    An important step, Wechsler says, as the program involves an incredible time commitment. His students agree.

    “You really have to be willing to put in the effort to keep things moving, because there is a lot happening,” said eighth-grader Tristan Larsson. “Things move quickly here and they can change in a heartbeat, and you have to be ready.”

    Eighth-grader Dakota White has a knack for graphic and video editing, skills she wants to utilize in high school and beyond.

    Sure enough, the students were hard at work, shuffling stories around and changing plans to meet shifting deadlines in the wake of the school’s two-day closure due to wildfires.

    “We are already doing stories on the fires,” Glenn said. “And, we had plans to cover music assemblies that were supposed to take place already but have been rescheduled. Students are changing their schedules to accommodate so we can make sure everything is fresh, relevant and nothing falls through the cracks.”

    It is apparent walking into the “newsroom” how quickly and diligently the students work to meet their deadlines, as the atmosphere is abuzz with energy, minds at work and creative juices flowing.

    It is an atmosphere that some of the students say they relish to the point that they are considering careers in journalism or other deadline-driven fields.

    “I might be interested in a career in journalism,” Schoettler said as she headed to her next class. “It’s a lot of stress, but that works well for me because I don’t get too freaked out from the stress. Plus, I think it’s something that would keep me interested, because you are focused on something new every day.”

    Wechsler and Iannucci emphasized that while they don’t expect every student in the program to become a journalist, the experience they are accumulating is solid preparation for nearly any career choice.

    “Being able to meet deadlines is among the most important skills in any job,” Wechsler said. “Being able to collaborate, formulate a plan and follow the plan? That’s golden. These kids are in middle school now. In the future, there’s no telling what they’ll be able to achieve.”

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  • Rookie of the Year, Mr. Steven Bilek!

    Posted by Lori Vogel on 6/7/2017

    Congratulations to Mr. Bilek on his selection by the LAUSD as Rookie of the Year!  The LAUSD selects a small group of teachers each year out hundreds of principal nominations for Rookie of the Year.

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  • 2017 All-State Honor Band

    Posted by Lori Vogel on 2/14/2017

    Congratulations to 7th Grader, Daniel Thurmond, on his acceptance to the All-State Honor Band.  Over 1,500 applicants representing schools from throughout California auditioned.  We are proud of Daniel's accomplishment and commend Mr. Tautkus / Mr. Miyoshi for their efforts.

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  • Parent Daphne Gronich Nominated Palisades Citizen of the Year

    Posted by Bill Bruns on 12/8/2016

    By Bill Bruns
    Palisades News Adviser

    Daphne Gronich, the indefagitable president of the Palisades Americanism Parade Association (PAPA) for three years running, has been named Citizen of the Year by the Pacific Palisades Community Council.

    The Council’s Awards Selection Committee reviewed nominations received from throughout the community and voted to present Golden Sparkplug awards to five deserving activists: Sylvia Boyd, Patrick Hart, Amy Lundberg, Karen Stigler and Veslemoey Zwart.

    Daphne Gronich Photo: Lesly Hall

    Daphne Gronich Photo: Lesly Hall

    In addition, the committee elected to give the discretionary Pride of the Palisades Award to Bob Benton, a prominent local businessman and volunteer commissioner of the Pacific Palisades Baseball Association.

    “We had an unusually impressive list of nominated residents this year,” said committee chair George Wolfberg, the PPCC vice chair and a former Citizen of the Year himself.

    The awards will be handed out at the PPCC’s annual holiday party on Dec. 8 at Gladstone’s on PCH.

    First awarded in 1947, the Citizen of the Year Award honors a Palisades resident “who has enriched the fabric of Pacific Palisades through long term and continuing outstanding volunteer service as well as a recent extraordinary accomplishment which has resulted in a substantial benefit to the community at large.”

    “Daphne Gronich is a worthy descendent of past winners,” said Wolfberg, on behalf of the seven-person selection committee. As president of PAPA since 2014, she has faced the daunting challenge of raising about $125,000 a year in order for PAPA to stage the town’s iconic Fourth of July parade and the evening concert and fireworks display. Gronich must also coordinate the work of about 20 volunteers on her organizing committee, from securing the necessary permits and insurance to staging the pre-parade VIP lunch and recruiting parade entries.

    Yet ultimately, she derives deep satisfaction from the time she invests in PAPA. As she told the News in June, “The Fourth of July is part of what makes our community such a great place to live.”

    Gronich, an attorney, was active at Palisades Elementary and now serves on the PRIDE board at Paul Revere and the school’s Charter Council. She is also leads the Palisades Charter Schools Foundation.

    The Pride of the Palisades Award was created in 2014 to recognize an individual “who has provided extraordinary service to the Palisades community.”

    Visit www.PacPalicc.org for details about the Citizen of the Year celebration and to reserve dinner tickets.

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  • Milk + Bookies

    Posted by Leticia Estrada de Carreon/Principal, 112th Street Elementary School on 12/7/2016
    The Milk + Bookies organization, together with 25 students from the Leadership Class at  Paul Revere Charter Middle School and Magnet Center, recently visited 112th Street Elementary School to celebrate the joy of giving books, making new friendships, and reading books.


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  • Los Angeles Tenth District PTSA Music Scholarship Program 2016

    Posted by Lara Jacques on 4/19/2016

    Paul Revere's music students won scholarships and recognition at the Los Angeles Tenth District PTSA Music Scholarship Program 2016.  Congratulations to the following students and their families!

    Piano Scholarships:
    Claire Xia
    Danielle Zhou
    Dyllan Zhou
    Kainoa Kanter

    Instrumental Scholarships:
    Sadie kaufman - flute
    Matthew Sasaki - saxophone
    Kelvin Wei - clarinet
    Haroun Daoud - cello
    Nicolette Zargari - violin

    Outstanding Performance Awards:
    Emily Gavilanes - saxophone
    Bryan Contrerras - viola
    Vera Fang - violin

    Honorable Mention Awards:
    Brandon Cohenmehr - piano
    Aaron Benyamini - piano
    Kavita Sekhon - flute
    Amber Cruz - viola

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  • Parent Maryam Zar nominated as Volunteer of the Year

    Posted by Lori Vogel on 2/19/2016

    Parent Maryam Zar nominated as Volunteer of the Year by LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl.  Maryam is PRIDE's Vice President of Communications, Chair of the Pacific Palisades Task Force on Homelessness and Vice President of the Pacific Palisades Community Council.  This is a well deserved honor, congratulations!

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  • February 2016

    Posted by Lori Vogel on 2/17/2016


    7th Grader Wyatt Standish - All State Honor Symphonic Band.

    Wyatt Standish

    7th Grader Mia Ruhman - Reflections Musical Composition "Imagine Love" awarded Award of Excellence by the Los Angeles 10 Dristrict PTSA and has moved on to compete at the State level.

    Ms. Chen's Eco Homeroom and Ms. Istrin's Leadership class - Recycling Incentive grant from LAUSD Office of Environmental Health and Safety worth $400 in El Niño supplies.

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  • Awards and Recognition

    WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 14, 2020

    Adrian Aguilar - Mr. Parra - Overachieving on Dreambox!
    Julie Camorlinga - Ms.Olins - Focus during Distance Learning
    Parsa Kalantari - Ms. Longway - Having a great attitude and completing all of his work.
    Jiwon Kim - Ms. Cronin - Jiwon is a fabulous, thoughtful student who gives extra help to me with technology and online classroom management. She goes above and beyond the "call of duty".
    Rising Riders:
    Daniel Morales - Ms. Lee - Perseverance and Patience--for NOT letting tech issues get in the way of turning in assignments!
    Liv Shilstat - Mr. Vial - Class focus and participation. Shows determination and diligence in her classwork.
    Staff Superstar:
    Mrs. Roman - Ms. Raith - She always has such well thought out lessons that use the best technology tools and she makes it easy for the students to use the tech tools.


    May 2015
    Revere Aca Deca Does it Again!  Congratulations for the Revere 6th Grade Pentatholetes as they take medals from the Orange County Competition.  Going up against over 70 public and private schools the 6th graders did well:  Daniel Ravilz - 1st Place / Highest Total Individual Score with 3,728.9 points, 5th Place / Language and Literature, 3rd Place / History, 1st Place / Essay (just 7 points short of a perfect score with 993.0 points), 1st Place - Super Quiz / Science, 4th Place / Math, Francis Arellano - 9th Place / Math, Jennifer Salvador - 11th Place / Super Quiz / Science.  Well done 6th graders!
    April 2015
    The Revere Music students below each won a $200 scholarships from the Tenth District PTSA, The scholarship auditions took place in April and the money is to be used to pay for private music lessons.  Congratulations to these high achieving music students!
    Dyllan Zhou - piano
    Rebecca Hochman-Fisher - flute
    Kelvin Wei - clarinet
    Andrew Park - cello
    Nathalie Alvarez - violin
    Nicolette Zargari - violin
    Melody Perez - viola
    Sofia Iacovlev - viola
    Joshua Yasharel - violin
    Kimberly Affeld - cello
    Emily Wen - double bass
    Amber Cruz - viola
    Outstanding Performance and Honorable Mention awards went to:
    Thomas Wu - trumpet
    Rachel Mejia - viola
    Zoe Morgan - clarinet
    Cassandra Hernandez - violin
    March 2015
    Palisades News introduces our new Librarian Ms. Berke.  Read the article
    March 2014
    Revere Music Rocks! 230 of Revere's music students attended a Forum Music Festival on Saturday, March 22 at Cypress College.  The festival ran from 8am to 12:30 and included choirs, bands and orchestras from 3 different Middle Schools.  Seven different Revere music ensembles performed for the judges and the audience of music students and parents. They received positive comments and constructive criticisms from the judges along with VERY enthusiastic applause from the audience members!  After an awards ceremony we loaded the buses and went to celebrate at Disney's California Adventure until it closed!  A big thank you to all the chaperones who attended.
    Congratulations to the Revere students who participated in the Optimist Club Oratorical Contest March 27, 2014  Revere students: Alanie Abron, Taylor Pike, Ashley Miller, and Daniel Gottesman really shined throughout the difficult competition from private schools in the Palisades. At the end, 1st Place went to Daniel Gottesman! It was a special moment for Daniel’s family, his fellow competitors from Revere, Mr. Slavin, Ms. Ernst, Ms. Moreno and Mrs. Somoza. Great job, Daniel!! Terrific work Alanie, Taylor, and Ashley! Fantastic oratory! Go Team Revere!
    February 2014
    Students Helene Ren and Harrison Garff took part in the Southern California School Band Orchestra Association Middle School Honor   students Band at Kennedy High School in La Palma.  Hundreds of students from across Southern Californiaauditioned for a spot.   Helene played flute and piccolo while Harrison played clarinet in the concert.   
    January 2014
    Congratulations and thanks to the ten students who traveled to Sylmar High this past weekend for the LA Section FFA Horticulture Contest, sponsored by the Ca. Association of Nurseryman and Garden Centers. Revere students competed with students from six other high and middle schools.  We swept the Middle School division, with Morgan Edward in 3rd, Coby Sheily in 2nd, and Delsen Finley in 1st.  Special recognition goes to Luca Sosa, who competed in the Novice High School division and placed 18th out of 60 students, and also Lara Doranharder, Kathryn Binder, Jonathan Molina, Tatum Cravens, Leoni Soleimany, Laura Binder, and Jamie Robertson for competing.  Way to go guys, Mrs. Robertson is SO proud of you!
    April 2013

    April 25, 2013 | By   

    Paul Revere Middle School Principal Fern Somoza was one of four Southern California educators invited to speak at the 2013 International School Principals Forum in Shanghai. From March 27 to April 2, Somoza and principals from Oak Park, Walnut and Burbank toured five schools, spoke to administrators and then presented a speech before 100 principals.

    March 2013
    Los Angeles 10th District PTSA Music Scholarship Program 2013 - Congratulations to the following students:
    • Scholarship Award:   Helene Ren, Chloe Taylor, Lucas Braun, Tahoe Kim, Mina Delloro-Suh, Jacqueline Hendriks, Liam Pang-Naylor.
    • Outstanding Performance Award:   Dave Ryan Mandi, Liam Pang-Naylor, Angela Ouyang, May Kono, Peyton Kim-Latona, Richard Vagner, Alex Lida, Gene Tanaka, Alex Kang, Sutton Shin, Riley Scaff.
    • Honorable Mention Award:   Elizabeth Wan, Sarah Rivera, Kala Fejzo, Cindy Pace, Kevin Garcia, Ron Nodel, Saya Davani, Candace Yee, Genesis Gomez.

    January 2013
    Congratulations Music Students  Helene Ren and Caleb Wan (both 7th grade).  Helene plays the flute and made the So. Ca. School Band Orchestra Honor Band.  Helen accomplished this by auditioning along with hundreds of other middle school kids in So. Ca.  Helene also made the California Band Directors Association Honor Symphonic Band by submitting a CD.  Caleb plays the clarinet and made the CBDA Honor Concert Band by submitting a CD along with hundreds of other students in grades 7-9 in California.

    November 2012
    Congratulations to Kacy Walker and Student Council students on their great accomplishment of collecting over 7,300 books, a 10 year high, for the organization Bookend's.  This organization collects books from schools which are then delivered to under priviledged schools in need of books for their libraries and classrooms. On October 11th, our student council delivered over 4,000 books to Leo Politi Elementary School near downtown Los Angeles.  Thanks to the donations by our student body each student at Leo Politi was able to take a book home.
    October 2012
    Congratulations ALL Revere Teachers!!  In a letter from Dr. John E. Deasy, Superintendent, regarding the California Standards Tests (CST) results, Dr. Deasy extended his congratulations to the entire staff and faculty as Revere continues to lead the district in improvement.  In addition, Revere has increased proficiency rates in Mathematics.  These rates met or exceeded the District average over the past three years.  Revere has also decreased  the percentages of students performing in the Far Below Basic and Below Basic bands over the last three years.
    September 2012


    Congratulations to the Journalism Department  Revere was one of two middle schools in the country to be honored with an award for their entry last year in the National School Journalism Competition.  Open this link and scroll to the bottom:  http://studentpress.org/nspa/winners/npm12.html
     April 2012

    Congratulations to Revere's music students who won high awards at the LASMTA Solo and Ensemble Festival held at Hamilton High School on Saturday April 14, 2012.

    -6th graders Emma O'Neil, Cindy Pace and May Kono earned a Superior rating for their performance of Pachelbel's Canon.  Emma and May also each earned a Superior for their solo performances.
    -7th grader Zachary Hirsch earned an Excellent rating for his solo performance on violin.
    -8th graders Rachel Kessler and Sangeet Dhandwar earned Excellent for their violin duet.
    -8th graders Michael McNorvell, Bryce Lozinsky and Lucas Crosby earmed a Superior for their performance of a Vivaldi cello trio with piano.

    June 2011

    Congratulations to Team Revere for winning 4th Place in the 2nd Annual Mini ACA DECA held last week at John Burroughs Middle School.  This year, 12 middle schools joined the competition, and all participants demonstrated a high level of mastery in a variety of subjects.  It was an enjoyable, exciting day for everyone.

    Thank you to all who helped paint the murals on the East Driveway wall.  Read the Palisadian Post Article

    May 2011

    Palisades Schools Collaborate on Gardens Read the Palisadian Post Article

    April 2011

    Congratulations to Revere's talented musicians who captured the spirit and excellence of The Heritage Festival!  Once again, Revere's talent shines for all to see. Last weekend, under the guidance and direction of Ms. Vanessa Dokko, Ms. Lara Jacques and Mr. Yosuke Miyoshi, Revere received recognition worthy of their dedication to excellence at the Heritage Festival in San Diego, CA. This year Revere walked away winning GOLD in the Orchestra Division, Gold in the Choral Division and Silver in the Band Division. Yet hold on to your instruments....Paul Revere's Team was awarded an additional distinction, the overall SCHOOL SPIRIT AWARD for their exemplary demonstration of citizenship throughout the two day competition. Congratulations to all!

    Congratulations are due to science teacher, Mr. Craig Honda!  Mr. Honda has been awarded an Earthwatch Educator Fellowship made possible by the Northrop Grumman Foundation.  Mr. Honda will be assisting researchers at the northern edge of the forest-tundra near the geographical center of the North American continent to study climate change.  In this unique Arctic landscape he will study climate change at sites ranging from the tundra into the forest by monitoring changes affecting the gases stored in peat-rich ecosystems.

    Congratulations to our history teacher Mr. Darren Bates as he was recently awarded the prestigious Lori Petrick Excellence in Teaching Award for 2011 by the Palisades Charter Schools Foundation. The Lori Petrick Excellence in Education Award recognizes and rewards teaching excellence and creativity in the classroom.

    March 2011

    Congratulations to the members of the math department and the 145 current 8th grade students in Geometry for your great work.  These students, who took 7th grade Algebra I, are receiving 10 high school credits in math.

    February 2011

    Congratulations to the following music students who have been selected to participate in the LAUSD District Honor Music Festival.  
    Their first rehearsal is March 18 at LA Valley College.  The second rehearsal is April 27 at CSULA.  After only two rehearsals, concert time!  May 1st at the Gibson Ampitheater.
    LAUSD Honor Choir:  Alex Holdom, Clare Hackwith, Kate Maninger, Molly Lovett, Lauren Smith, August Hartwell, Finn Snyder, Racine Drageset.
    LAUSD Honor Band:  Kevin Needham (Alto Sax),   Yulissa Maqueos (Clarinet),   Malaya Nordyke (Clarinet),   Jennifer Cassling (Flute),   Kevin Yong (French Horn),   Chase Chapman (Ten Sax),   Spencer Willison (Trombone),   Matthew Mitchel (Trumpet),   Asher Low (Trumpet).
    LAUSD Honor Orchestra:  Emma Engler (violin),   Paul Joo (violin),   Gary Matsumoto (violin),   Luna Suzuki (violin),   Anna Whittell (violin),   Cyrus Dastur (violin),   Laura Sussman (viola),   Thomas Lin, Jr. (cello),   Michael McNorvell (cello),   Brooke Howard (bass).

    Congratulations to all the Revere students, faculty and parents that contributed to Revere doing the most recycling and diversion in our Supervisorial District for the 2nd year in a row! The Board of Supervisors will have a Proclamation Presentation on Tuesday February 15th. Generation Earth will transport 5 students and teachers Angel Honda and Mer Mer Chen to the presentation.