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    Jacques, Lara

    Subject:  Music
    Email:  ljacques@lausd.net
    Room Number:  J5

    Jupiter Grades
    I have taught at Revere since 1994.  Clarinet is my main instrument, and I play all the woodwind,
    brass and string instruments that we teach at Revere.  In the summer of 2010 I completed my
    Masters Degree in Music Education with an emphasis in conducting at Colorado State University in
    Ft. Collins.  In November of 2011 I earned the National Board Certificate in Music.  I am passionate
    about my job and feel very fortunate to work with so many enthusiastic students at Revere. 
    Revere music students are the best and the brightest!          
    (** please note the 6pm start time for all concerts**)
    Winter Concert: Wed. Dec 13,  Revere Auditorium, 6pm
        **Patriot, Senior, Advanced, Intro, and Chamber Orchestras
    Spring Concert: Wed. May 16, Revere Auditorium, 6pm   
        **Patriot, Senior, Advanced, Intro, and Chamber Orchestras
    Beginning Instrumental Music Concert: Mon. May 21, Revere Auditorium, 6pm
       **Beginning Strings and Beginning Winds

Orchestra Winter Concert 2017