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  • Asahina, Lisa

    Subject:  Health/ 7th grade science

    Room Number:  S2
    8/17/20 update:
    •  Please refer to Schoology.  All materials, information, and updates will be on Schoology.
     The photo app on your ipad is down.  So, your photos are on your phone.  Below are two possible solutions.

    1) Download google slides directly to your phone (use your school email/password/ account).  Put the photos of the meal prep directly onto a slide show.  Then open the iPad's google slides.  It should appear there.

    2) If that does not work, you can use your charger from your phone and try directly plugging in the USB into the laptop/desktop at home.  Then open photos on your phone and laptop.  Then select the cooking photos to be uploaded to your laptop.

    Materials list:  *Materials will be checked Thursday, August 16th.  Please try to have your materials the first or second day of school.  Thank you!
    1. Spiral notebook - One spiral 100 pages or two spiral notebooks if less than 100 pages.  It is to be used solely for science, please do not share other subjects in this notebook. Either wide ruled or college ruled is fine.  
    2. graph paper
    3. Black pens - 2 (Please buy a box of pens if you tend to lose them). * All written assignments are to be written in pen only.  The teacher will specify when pencil or computer can be used.  Otherwise, please assume the assignment is to be written in pen only.  
    4. Red pens - 2 (Please buy a box of red pens if you tend to lose them.
    5. Pencil - pencils are only used when students are required to draw, graph, etc
    6. Eraser 
    7. Folder 2 pocket paper folder is fine but please make sure it is for science only.  A section of a 3-ring binder is fine too.  The binder can have multiple subjects in it. 
    8. Colored pencils
    9. Ruler (metric -centimeters and millimeters, not inches)
    10. charged school ipads 

    *Parents, if you are not able to financially purchase the items, please email me at Please email me on Tuesday or Wednesday 8/14-15.  I can get them for your child.  

    *Please bring materials to school daily.  If you do not, it can affect your ability to participate and complete your assignment.  This may in turn affect your work habits grades



    mindset (chess) video

    mindset (Dr. Dweck)

    mindset quiz. Dr. Dweck


    Welcome to Ms. Asahina's homepage.  Please email me at if you have any questions.  Thank you!

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