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If you would like to have your contact information available on our website for your former middle school classmates who may want to contact you, you may contact our Community Liaison. If you have any interesting trivia about Paul Revere that you would like to share, feel free to forward it to our Community Liaison.

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Trivia Shared by Alumni

1. The first graduating class out of Palisades-Brentwood Junior High School, under Principal William Ferguson, got to suggest names and vote on the name for the School. "Paul Revere" won.

2. One of the students from the graduating class of 1956 is the son of Tarzan in the movies.

3. One of the students from the graduating class of 1956 is the son of the Home Savings and Loan founder.

4.  The 1st PTA President was Sylvia Sher, in 1951.  Sylvia had two children attend Revere, Abby (class of 1958) and Ronald. Sylvia will be 99 years old in 2012.

class of 56

The first graduating class of 1956

Students Name Graduating Class Phone Email
Glen A. Tistaert 1956 310.394.2661 GTistaert@aol.com
Michael Allport 1964 allport.michael@yahoo.com.br
Nikki Harmon 1959 505-899-6368 goodplaywright@yahoo.com
Bonnie Bloeser 1966 661-665-5482 BBloeser@aeraenergy.com
Johan Morner 1964 johan@herrvik.se
Chuck Keefe 1966 word2chuck@yahoo.com

  • Harry Tepker, Artist of painting hanging to the right of the stage in the Auditorium

    Harry Tepker's resume

    Rick Tepker (son/student),  class of '63-'66

    Polly Tepker (daughter/student), class of '66-69 (Schaudies)

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