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    Kirby, Randy

    Subject:  PE
    Email:  randy.kirby@lausd.net
    Room Number:  PE

    A Chicago native, Mr. Kirby brings to Revere a certain unique style and experience.  After receiving his B.S. in theatre (focus on acting) from Illinois State University he moved from Chicago to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career.  Having done some acting and writing here and there Mr. Kirby found himself working in the video game industry. After a long run in the video game buisness he thought to himself "I'm on the wrong end of things here. I should be helping kids be active instead of sitting in front of a tv with a controller." He then went on to earn his teaching credential through CSUN and coach baseball at Calabasas high school. Entering his 13th year at Paul Revere Mr. Kirby hopes to continue to inspire lifelong fitness in all his students.