• Calendar Reservation Instructions

    Library / Computer Lab / Bulletin Boards Reservation Calendars are all located under Staff > Calendars.  You must log in to the website to make a reservation or ask Lori to make it for you.  Please be mindful of reservations already on the calendar and be careful not to accidentally delete any reservations. 

      • Log into the website and click on the Site Manager Button (in the upper right hand corner)
      • Click on:  Staff > Calendars > 1 of the 3 calendars under contents
      • Click on the green New Event button or double click on the date you wish to reserve
      • In the Event Title bar enter your name and the period(s) you wish to reserve, i.e.; teacher name, p1,2
      • Click on the All Day button
      • Click the Green Save button (if you miss this step your reservation will not be saved)
      • To edit or delete your reservation, hover over your name and click on edit or delete
      • Go to View Website to make sure it saved