Community Service PE Assignment

    Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people
    can change the world.  Indeed it is the only thing that ever has". - Margaret Mead

    Due Date:  TBD

    All verification forms plus additional proof must be submitted through your PE teacher's Community Service Assignment in Schoology by the end of school on or before the due date:  TBD

    Hard copies and late assignments will not be accepted Remember, community service hours must be completed during the school year.  We encourage all students to turn in the assignment early.

    1. Each student must complete at least 5 hours of community service for this project during the current school year.
    2. Verification forms must be completed by the supervising organization
    3. Additional proof of participation must also be submitted (ie a letter from the organization or a photo while participating in the activity).
    4. Verification forms plus additional proof must be submitted through your PE teacher's Community Service Assignment in Schoology by the end of school on or before the date. Students must be signed in on their Schoology account. Parents will not be able to submit under their account.

    Steps for turning in community service documents through your Schoology App on your iPad:

    Step 1 – on your iPad, take pictures of your verification form and proof
    Step 2 – in the Schoology App, click on Courses, then select your PE class
    Step 3 - click on Community Service Assignment
    Step 4 - click on Submissions on the top right
    Step 5 - click on the + on the top right corner
    Step 6 - click on Submit Photo/Video
    Step 7 - click on Camera Roll, choose your verification form and proof photos
    Step 8 - click on the check mark on the top right corner
    Step 9 - you will see a confirmation on the top of the screen stating "Your submission has been added."  You will also see under Your Submissions it will say On time with the date and time it was submitted.

Current Community Service Opportunites

  • Community service must be volunteer type work for a reputable non‐profit organization (NOT a business or individual) and beneficial to the community. It can be done in one day, or spread through many.  Select an activity that you are interested in and get involved.  If you are not sure if a certain activity counts for community service, or you are having difficulty finding something, let your PE teacher know early!  Examples of accepted and non‐accepted community service are:

Verification of Hours & Grade

  • Verification of Hours:

    Make sure to get the verification form filled out and signed by the non-profit organization's adult supervisor of the activity (NOT a parent/family member/friend).  Remember to attach additional proof and submit through your PE teacher's Community Service Assignment in Schoology.



    Students who do not complete the required hours will see their PE grade drop one whole letter grade (ex:  from an A to B) and will receive a "U" in work habits on the 20-week report card.


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Ongoing Community Service Opportunities

  • Paul Revere Garden and Campus Beautification Work Days - Help clean up the campus, care for the garden and animals, and earn community service hours. Parents are expected to be in attendance to assist with supervision.  (And...parents who work can earn one "bonus" hour of credit for their child!)  Bring water bottle, hat, and gloves.  NO FURTHER EVENTS SCHEDULED FOR THIS SCHOOL YEAR.
    Ama-LA organizes community service days with some of L.A.'s most inspiring social enterprises and non-profits.  Our direct service engagements are about digging deep and pitching in whenever and however you can.   "Visit and join us for face-to-face, hands in the dirt, heart on the sleeve service-learning experiences.
    Heal the Bay -

    Jr. Teen Council at the Palisades Branch Library is for ages 11-18.  Get involved in making the library a welcoming place for teens and event planning.  More info. at
    Operation Gratitude -

    Tree People -

    Families Give Back helps families and kids find age-appropriate volunteer opportunities. They have events every week that families can sign up for directly on their website. Go to to help as many kids and families as possible give back to their community.