How To's for Parents

  • Scheduling Parent/Teacher conferences:  To request a Parent/Teacher conference call the main office to leave a message for the teacher or send the teacher an email with your request.  If the teacher corresponds via email, his/her email address will be indicated on his/her teacher website page.  Teachers should reply to parent telephone calls, or emails, within 48 hours during working school days. Weekends and holidays are not working school days.  After your telephone or email conversation with the teacher, the teacher will determine if a face-to-face conference is required at which time they will contact the parent or ask the main office to contact the parent to schedule a conference.  Contact the Main Office at 310-917-4800.


    Homework for extended absences: For daily assignments, please check the teacher's individual website pages under Teacher Pages.  If your child is out more than 3 days you can contact the student’s grade counselor to help gather homework assignments. 


    Reporting/Clearing an Absence:  If your child is absent from school, you will need to submit an excuse to the Attendance Office.  Upon  your child's return to school, you can either submit a hard copy note or email:  The note/email must include student's name, date of birth, grade level, dates absent, reason absent and parent signature.  If sending a note, it can be dropped off in the Attendance Office when your child returns.  You do NOT need to call Revere to notify the school of an absence.

    Picking up students early:  Preferably, you will know in advance if you will need to pick up your student early. The procedure is before school starts, please have the student bring a note to the Attendance Office stating the time they will be leaving school. The Attendance Office will arrange for the student to be in the Attendance Office at the time specified and issue a Permit for Release. This form must be signed before the child is released into your care. Only persons listed on the emergency card and student data information system are permitted to pickup students. Be prepared to show ID.

    If you don’t know in advance that you will need to pick up your student early, please remember that the Attendance Office needs at least 20 minutes to locate your student. If the student is not located before the class period ends, you must wait until classes reconvene so that your student can be located. If pickup time is during nutrition, lunch, P.E., or at the end of the school day, you may have a delay in picking up your student. Neither parent nor staff is permitted to search the yard to locate a student.

    In cases where the student becomes ill or is injured, they will be referred to the Health Office and the Permit for Release will be issued from there. Sick or injured students should go through the Health Office to arrange for leaving the school.


    Late pick up: All students involved in after school activities should report to the Gym at 4:20 pm (or after your activity has ended) to be picked up. Parents must pick students up at the Gym between 4:20 pm and 5:45 pm.


More Information

  • Parents are not allowed on campus to go to the student lockers. Please see grade counselors for help with getting books from the lockers.

    All visitors must "sign in" in the Main Office before entering campus.  Visitors can visit our offices after signing in at the Main Office.
    Persons must obtain approval of the principal before visiting in classrooms or on school grounds (bd. rule 1265)

    Frequently Asked Questions for New Parents

Forgotten Item Policy


    Students will NOT be summoned out of classrooms to pick up forgotten items.  Classroom instructional time cannot be disrupted to deliver forgotten items to students by staff or parents.  

    Items such as lunches, PE Clothes, homework, etc. may be dropped off in the Main Office where they will be held for the student to pick them up during passing period, nutrition or lunch. 

    When a student discovers that an item has been left at home, she/he should go to the Main Office to see if the item has been dropped off, or use the phone in the Main Office to call home and arrange for the item to be dropped off. 

    If your child is not aware that he/she forgot their item. We will attempt to deliver a notice to your child. It is his/her responsibility to pick up the item during passing periods, nutrition or lunch. We are not responsible for any items that are not picked up, lost or stolen from the Main Office.


    ******We encourage you to prepare your child for High School by NOT dropping off their forgotten items. For security reasons most High Schools policies are that parents are NOT permitted to leave students’ personal items for them at school. It is every student’s responsibility to remember to bring all items they need with them to school for the day, or to deal with the consequences of forgotten items (late homework, projects, lunch or PE clothes).******





    Los estudiantes NO serán llamados de sus clases para recoger artículos olvidados. El tiempo de enseñanza en la clase no se va interrumpir para proporcionarles a los estudiantes los artículos olvidados por parte de personal o de los padres.

    Artículos como comida, ropa de PE, tareas, etc. se pueden dejar en la oficina principal donde se mantendrá mientras el estudiante lo recoge durante el periodo de paso, la nutrición o el almuerzo. 

    Cuando un estudiante descubre que se le olvido un artículo en casa, él/ella debe ir a la oficina principal para ver si el artículo se ha traído, o utilizar el teléfono en la oficina principal para llamar a casa y pedir traer sus artículos olvidados a la oficina. 

    Si su hijo/a no es consciente de que él/ella se les olvidó su artículo. Vamos a intentar entregar esta nota a su hijo/a. Es la responsabilidad del estudiante que recoja el artículo durante períodos de paso, la nutrición o el almuerzo. No somos responsables de los artículos que no fueron recogidos, perdidos o robados de la oficina principal.


    ******Los animamos a preparar a su niño para la escuela secundaria de NO dejar sus artículos olvidados. Por razones de seguridad, la mayoría de las escuelas secundarias tienen la póliza que los padres NO están autorizados a dejar los artículos personales de los estudiantes para ellos en la escuela. Es responsabilidad de cada estudiante de recordar traer todos los artículos que necesitan a la escuela durante el día, o sufrir las consecuencias de los artículos olvidados (tarea entregada tarde, proyectos, almuerzo o ropa de PE). ******