Parents - What To Do In Case of Emergency

  • It is important for all of the parents to know that in case of a significant earthquake or emergency situation, students will be evacuated to the PE fields and supervised until it is deemed safe to return to the classrooms or until they are picked up by a parent, guardian or someone on their emergency form (with proper identification).  If such an emergency occurs, please follow these steps to pick up your child:



    1. Park somewhere in the neighborhood and bring photo identification.
    2. Walk onto campus through the West Driveway gate off of Allenford Avenue
    3. Proceed walking up the West Driveway to the Request Gate.  The Request Gate is near the Obstacle Course in the PE area.
    4. At the Request Gate, you will show your photo identification and give the name of the student you are picking up.
    5. After requesting the student, proceed to continue up the West Driveway to the Reunion Gate, located just before the Tennis Courts.
    6. Your child will meet you at the Reunion Gate and you can then leave campus with your child safely.


    OFF SITE EVACUATION - If there is a need to evacuate off campus, please look for communication from the school and/or district with details as to where the students have been evacuated. Once the off campus site has been established, there will be a Request Gate and Reunion Gate established. We will then follow steps #4 - #6 above. 

    LOCKDOWN - In the case of a school wide lockdown situation, students will not be released until the all clear has been given by the Principal / LAUSD / Law Enforcement Agency.

    This is a good reminder to make sure all of the information (phone numbers, address, emergency contacts) on your emergency card is accurate.  If you need to make any changes to your emergency card, please visit Revere's Attendance Office.

Revere Emergency Evacuation Map

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Emergency Contacts

Emergency Evacuation Map