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    Our Paul Revere Community Sponsorship Program offers a fantastic opportunity for Revere families and local businesses to partner with our school and to support our community!  This is a chance to “Sponsor Revere” by proudly displaying your business name and logo on our beautifully designed, highly visible fence banners.

    Why Become a Community Sponsor?

    1. Being a Community Sponsor supports your neighborhood school! We are visible to over 1750 families, a thriving local community and the hundreds and hundreds of people that live in our incredible neighborhood and love our school!

    2. Our award winning nationally recognized school is one of the top selling points for families moving to Pacific Palisades and Brentwood. Your support helps create a strong neighborhood infrastructure that in turn supports a thriving community and your business.  Parents and community members love to support businesses that support our school!!

    3. Your support of our school is 100% tax deductible!

    Business Partner Options:

    1. Diamond Sponsors – Cost $5000
    o Diamond Sponsors will receive an 8-foot banner on our highly visible Sunset Blvd fence that is seen by thousands of Revere families, anyone and everyone traveling this busy corridor for their daily commutes and the hundreds of people that visit the school for sporting events each weekend.

    o Diamond Sponsors will also receive a “Thank You” through our PRIDE e-blast sent to all Revere parents!

    2. Platinum Sponsors – Cost $2500             

    o Platinum Sponsors will receive a 5-foot banner at the well-travelled front entrance to our school.  This is our main entrance and seen by hundreds and hundreds of students, parents and community members everyday.

    o Platinum Sponsors will also receive a “Thank You” through our PRIDE e-blast sent to all Revere parents!

    3. Gold Sponsors – Cost $1250

    o Gold Sponsors will receive a 5-foot banner along our busy car-pool corridor that is traveled by hundreds and hundreds of parents at drop off and pickup everyday.  Additionally this is the corridor that is used for parking for all school special events and weekend community sporting events.

    4. Silver Sponsors – Cost $500
    o Silver Sponsors will receive their logo on a giant “Thank You For Supporting Paul Revere” Banner at the front entrance of the school!  This level is perfect for small businesses that want to show their support for our fantastic neighborhood school!

    Becoming a “Revere Sponsor” is a fantastic opportunity to support your local school and neighborhood while exposing your business to thousands of parents and community members!
    We look forward to partnering with you!

    Please contact Sarah McCormick at

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